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Not Just Coffee: 12 Coffee Shops that Double As Something Else

Updated on October 30, 2012
Calico Cat Cafe, Tokyo
Calico Cat Cafe, Tokyo

We all know that coffee shops double as offices for many people today. And of course everyone knows about the Internet café where you can come use a computer (and often other services like fax machines) while you drink your cup of joe. But these days coffee shops are often so much more than this. All around the world there are coffee shops that double as another full service business as well ranging from bike shops to kitten rentals.

Here’s a look at 12 coffee shop combos around the globe:

1. Calico Cat Café, Tokyo. Japan has some of the strangest stuff that you don’t find anywhere else in the world so why not add a coffee shop that doubles as a cat rental store to their already odd mix of popular spots? That’s exactly what this place is; a coffee shop where you also receive a menu of cats to rent on the spot. You rent the cat and get to spend some time petting it, listening to it purr and feeding it. If you’re a pet lover who can’t keep a pet in your own home for one reason or another then this coffee shop combo stop might be for you.

2. Dr. Fish Café, South Korea. This coffee shop is also a beauty hot spot. Apparently a good pedicure treatment is to stick your feet into a bath of fish that eat at your dead skin and make the foot smooth. Personally the idea of that makes my stomach turn but I guess if you’re into that thing then you might enjoy this coffee shop where you can get a latte to take with you over to the fish pedicurists.

3. Drink, Shop and Do, London. One of the reasons that people like to spend time in coffee shops is because they have terrific ambience. From the art on the walls to the cups that you’re served coffee in, you can really appreciate a well put together coffee shop. So why not make a coffee shop that is also a store that sells all of the items in the shop (like the table you’re sitting at and the cup your coffee comes in)? That’s the idea behind this cute combo coffee place in London.

4. Dutch Bike Company, Seattle. This is a coffee shop that double as a bike repair and bike rental shop. This type of combo shop is available in many cities around the world.

5. Fotocafeen, Copenhagen. This is a printing place (like a Kinko’s) that also doubles as a full service coffee shop. This seems like a great idea since a print shop is in many ways like an office and this allows you to essentially enjoy a coffee break while you’re being productive.

6. H&H Car Wash, El Paso. If you do a search engine search for “coffee shop car wash” you’ll come up with a whole page of results linking to the H&H Car Wash in El Paso (although there are surely other combos of this kind around the world). Technically it’s not quite a coffee shop but rather more of a Mexican food restaurants that doubles as a car wash but it’s been around for twenty years so it gets some props for that.

7. Heavenly Dental Café, Phillipines. Yes, there is such a thing as a coffee shop that also doubles as a dentist’s office. I find this just so wrong on so many levels but reports indicate that some people find the coffee shop ambience to be soothing during a dental treatment.

8. Legal Grind, Santa Monica. I remember cracking up when I first drove past this coffee shop that doubles as a law office but it’s really kind of a great idea. Basically you can go to this coffee shop to get legal advice from legitimate attorneys through their Coffee & Counsel service. They also offer other legal services like a public notary on site.

9. St. Luke’s Church, England. Imagine going into a church that has comfortable leather sofas and modern dining tables where you can enjoy the coffee that you order before you sit down to pray or discuss the Bible. That’s apparently what St. Luke’s Church in Kinoulton, England is like. And as a bonus it also triples as a post office.

10. Tim Hortons, Canada. You might know the name of this spot because it’s a popular donut shop in Canada. One location recently doubled as an emergency room when the hospital next door experienced an overflow! This isn’t really the same as the other spots on the list that are dedicated intentional combo coffee shops but isn’t it interesting?!

11. Urban Station, Buenos Aires. I mentioned this spot in a recent article that I wrote on co-working spots around the world. And that’s exactly what this is. It’s a coffee shop that truly doubles as an office space for freelancers and telecommuters. Of course, many coffee shops serve this purpose for people but this is a dedicated space designed specifically as a work place that is also a coffee shop.

12. Wash & Coffee, Munich. This is a combination coffee shop and Laundromat. It is intended to be a full service Laundromat where you go specifically to do your laundry. However, it also has café seating, the ambience of a café and a full café menu of drinks as well as sandwiches. This is just one example of a combo between a coffee shop and a Laundromat. Another one that I know of off of the top of my head is Royal Ground Coffee here in San Francisco, which is half coffee shop and half Laundromat. The difference is that the two businesses are separated (although linked through an open door) whereas they are one room at Munich’s Wash & Coffee.

Although not all of these combo coffee shops are listed in it, a great source used when researching this article was from Weburbanist.


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  • profile image

    Antjuan 6 years ago

    I would like to add another Coffee Shop that doubles into a Antique Furniture Store located in Portland OR. The place is called Poshette's Cafe and it doubles into a space called Heaven's Archives.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    I think it is good thing not have to go somewhere else again.

  • BlissfulWriter profile image

    BlissfulWriter 7 years ago

    It appears that they are sticking coffee shops everywhere from inside bookstores, groceries, to banks. I think that idea of having a coffee shop in a laundry mat is a great idea. With all those people waiting for their clothes, its bound to have good coffee business.