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Not afraid to take a step: Let the contest begin

Updated on April 4, 2011

Join the hub contest (let the contest begin): not afraid to take a step.

There are some steps in life that need courage. There are some situations that can be a dilemma to us as to whether to take a step or not to take a step, especially because of the uncertainties of life. This maybe because such a step is difficult or the expected result, if missed, would be disastrous. However those that have the courage are not afraid to take a step.

Definitely, there shall be a time in our life when we shall need the courage to take a step, just a step, and move further from our current position. We need the courage to make decisions in our professions, business, fashion and design choices, entertainment, and writing among others. We also need such courage in our marriages, relationships, and how to run our family affair. It follows that the difference between individuals can be link to that ability to have the courage to take a step, even if it is a step to an unknown. The success of few individuals, and the breakthrough/ invention that changed the world can be linked to the courage of those few individuals that tread on an unknown path. They knew what they wanted but they were not afraid of failure so they stepped forward and tried not minding those that called their mission, “mission impossible.”

We all know that it takes courage to try and try again, just as Thomas Edison did. I remember when the time called for an urgent need for me to publish my book and I had no means of accomplishing such a task at that immediate time. Yet, I moved ahead and though I made mistakes, which I learnt the lessons it thought me, I am glad that I succeeded. Therefore some people can say that I am a young author that still needs to learn. I shall not argue against such comment for I know it’s true but I also know that I love writing. That is why my friends always wonder what I need many pens, which they usually find in my pocket, for. Well I use it to write both for my lecture note / academic work and for writing stories and hubs which I enjoy. That means that I spend most of my time writing one thing or the other and it is not easy to combine academic activities, in medical college, with other hobbies like writing but I do it because I enjoy writing. I love writing because it is the way I send message to humanity and, to me, it is more important that my medical studies though I do well in both.

As we are about to start the peaceful contest, I know that the best writers will be on parade. Some of them are proven authors and it will seem that young authors do not stand a chance of winning the contest and some young author, I trust, may even choose not to participate because they think , “ they do not have what it takes to compete with the best.  My desire is to join the contest and to do what I know how to do best which is writing and sending messages to humanity. I may not be the best known writer, maybe not yet, but I know that I can only beat the best to be among the best. This reminds me of a story of a young graduate that searched for a job. Unfortunately all the job advertisements he saw required applicants that had not less than five years work experience on the job. He has got no experience but he decided to apply for the job. Then on the day of the job interview, when it was his turn, they looked at his papers and noticed that he had no previous experience on the job. They asked him, “Why did you apply?

We said, we need applicants that have not less than five years work experience.” “I wonder how I shall gain the experience,” he answered, “if I am not employed. I mean someone has to employ me before I can gain the experience in job. I just graduate from that field so I know I can do the job but I need to work and gain the experience.”  Well he got the job. Therefore you do not have to be a proven author or the best Hub writer before   you can join the contest.

Do not be afraid of failure because you can learn from your mistakes and you can also learn from the best writers. We can only learn and gain more experience by working with those that already have the experience. Join the contest, if you enjoy writing and if you have something to share with people so do not be afraid to take a step and join to contest with the known best writers.

Let us join hands and make hub a fun by doing what we know how to do best, writing.

Nobody will stop me not even the fear of losing will stop me from doing what I enjoy doing, writing so let the contest begin because I am not afraid to take a step. I hope you are not afraid to take a step.

N. K. David

 Author of the book

“It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus”

 Published by author house UK Ltd and it is available worldwide online stores and on the publishers website.

It’s a most read for all humanity


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