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Not all SEO's are Equal

Updated on November 28, 2010


Oh no not another Spam bulletin! - Wait, I'm not trying to sell you anything right now, I want to enlighten you about some of the things I do. As some of you are aware, I am a Music Composer, Graphic Artist, Computer Guru and many other things which collectively means I have a lot of talent (Whoa! Ego Alert!). This is just one of my Insightful promotion blasts, that I wanted to share because if you are thinking about getting yourself, your Business or your Band/Sound some exposure be it local and Global you should understand exactly what an SEO does and what her/his/their Business Ethics Model should be..I am not selling you my services merely sharing my approach to how I conduct my OWN services

Thanks, for sharing this, now can I ask why?.

Insight, Wisdom and Knowledge shared.. and its given Freely..

For many years, I have been and remain the 'make it happen' guy for many up and coming Bands, Artists and businesses both locally and globally. I am the one person, who is in your corner, and goes to bat for you every day. This is a reflection on me personally, my ethics and pride in what I do. I know from personal experience that having someone in your corner, someone who believes in YOU is a hard thing to find and getting the stay faithful to you, your cause or your mission is again, a hard thing to find. Well, I am that person, if you are a unknown artist, a new company or have a message that no-one is hearing then again, I am the one you need!.

How long have I been doing this stuff? Well, Computers and Technology have been one of my 'things' for 33+ yrs now, so I know my stuff pretty well. Marketing and PR work, including SEO and Web design boils down to about 10yrs collectively, and my music and artwork is from the Golden Days of the Commodore 64 right through up to present day, so again I'm not new to any of this, nor do I have my head in the clouds. I am just a normal guy, with lots of talent, with my heart and mind in the right place, and my purpose has always been to help people. Many people, will tell this to you and I have no problem sending them to you, so you can hear it from other people.


The reality, is everyone needs to eat and live, and so you will not see any mention of prices here, instead, I will simply tell you that my services revolve around YOU and what YOU need, everyone is different and everyone is unique, that's how I put you out there, that's how I base my services. Sure theirs many 'Bot's out there, many services and things like Friend trains and adders, but wait! That's not what I do, if it was, this post would fall upon deaf ears or get trashed and I would have gained nothing from this, nor indeed would you. So, let's get that out the way right now!

Q. Can I bring people to your site? Sure, any 'Bot', 'adder' or 'Train' can do that, isn't that great!

A. Yes, awesome! how 400 or so people visit your site daily and about 1-2% of them actually care or have an interest in you, your music or anything at all to do with you., or how about you get a bunch of people who don't care about you, and use your sight as a springboard for the MLM scheme or something along those lines Great!! and finally, if you don't know what you are doing or you get too excited and send a thousand friends to your site each hour or day, then you'll suddenly discover that you page and account has been deleted/banned/closed! How about that for promoting yourself!!

Closed Accounts,
Blackballed by the Search Engines
Spam-a-licious 'spam' all coming from you and your site!

How's that for making your mark!

So yes, there are methods that I use that and here's what I do (and this is brutally Honest – I always am!) I target people and organizations demographically, geographically, by age, by taste in music and so on, so you get people, hits and friends that are actually interested in your 'Sound', your 'Product' or your “message”. That sounds better than random visits from people who don't really give a monkey about you.... I know which one I prefer, how about YOU.

Q. This is just a Myspace 'Ploy' ?

A. As I mentioned above, I do SEO work that includes Viral marketing, saturation of the Internet, YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Squidoo, All Social Networks and all the Search Engines, so please understand, this is NOT merely a Myspace friend adding ploy. Everyone of my clients is on the first page of all the major Search Engines, in the first position for their 'business' ('Niche') and/or their chosen Geographical preferences.

Q. What about Music Artist(s), Bands and Creative types?

A. Let's take one of my Clients as an example:

July 2008
Views = 400
Plays = 108
Friends/Fans = 120
Search Engines Saturation = None (Generic Myspace Tags only)

June 2010
Views – 260,000
Plays = 180,000 (1000-10000 Plays per day! - Real Plays, Real People!)
Friends/Fans = 30k
Search Engines Saturation = Global

What is impressive as I am sure you'll agree, is the Friends/Fans are actually into this band's Music Style, so they are REAL fans, not a generated mish-mash of Myspace Spammers. People and Fans with a vested interest in YOU. That's the difference maker right there, So I give you my word, that if I go to bat for you, go to war for you, and go to the extreme for you, it will be based on Faith and Friendship and the wanton purpose to help you get to where you need, and want to be. That has always been my purpose, I have many friends who will tell you honestly, that I changed their lives for the better, if you see my Blog's previous to this one, you'll see what one of those friends wrote about me and what I do.

The Bottom Line

Can I make a difference?
Yes, I can bring you a Torrent of Vital Exposure and real fans/friends

Do I do this all by hand, the research, Marketing, Promoting and all of it?

Yes, Absolutely it's all targeted to your needs and the audience you want to reach.

What Mediums do I utilize?

All Social Networks
Http (Web/SEO)
Global and Local Media
A Phone (Yes, I speak to people!)
Artwork (Yours and mine remember I do Graphics and Audio work too)

Reputation Management

I also do this too!, if your site/band/company or product has a bunch of 'hate mongers' following it, or you then I can fix this! No, no miracle cure, no quick overnight fix, what I do is specific and specialized. I can turn around ANY negative views, I can correct and fix your reputation with Search Engines (yes, the major ones...Google, Yahoo and more). It takes time, but the results are something, I am sure you'll appreciate. For example, someone searches for your company, your product or maybe even your band and up pops the results on the first page, and out of all the results one is positive and all the rest are 'damning' - I can fix this, it takes a little time and patience on your end, but it gets fixed! and NOT like the other SEO and Reputation Management Companies I won't charge you $25,000 to fix it, I won't charge a $$$$$ a month my prices are the best, each campaign, person and product is different and unique and thus, my prices the same.

Why do I do this?

Be it a Product, sound, book, message, a music Group, an Artist, a Cause.. Then all I ask is Simply, Consider me, because I WILL go to bat for you, like a tidal wave upon a sandy shore, I will have faith in your when there is no other, and I will bring them to your Field.. We all need to eat, I can and do work with each of my clients to their budgets, so we can all get by, you have my word on this and all I have wrote in this Blog. I can send you to any of my clients AND Friends and they will tell you, it is my purpose to help the 'little guy' to help those who need to get where they deserve, sure as I stated we all need to eat, but I am just a Freelance, awesomely (tech) talented guy, who is down-to-earth, on the ball and wants to help ..

It's that simple.. We'll cover PPC, Back-links and how it can all go wrong if not done correctly (Black Hat Tactics) how going with the wrong person, or using one of those Script things can really hurt you and what you are trying to promote
short-term gains are quickly ruined by a long-term dark cloud that never stops pouring (Reputation Destroyed..Bye Bye Top Rankings!).



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