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Nourishing The Spheres Of Life

Updated on August 11, 2017

What becomes of an individual if there is no sense of balance in the different spheres of life in which they live in?

There will be a sense of emptiness, stress, unevenness, unhappiness, even in a life of plenty. This could be because there are parts of their life, a sphere of their life, in which they are not nourishing, as they should.

There are people who are unconsciously competent in nourishing these different spheres of their life like one’s beloved garden. The science and art of living a balanced life comes naturally to these set of people. When you see them, you will know. Some people are unconsciously incompetent. Some are consciously incompetent. A step one can take is first having knowledge of these different spheres of life. The other step is working towards seeking balance in that sphere of life by nourishing it, as it should.


Get it right with your mind.

Pick a particular time in the day where you train your mind to focus on calm, good, and positive thoughts. In the hustle and bustle of life, there are many times the wrong thoughts gets to us.

In the same hustle and bustle, there are many times our body is tensed up, as if we are about to burst like a tightened up water pipe.

Meditation involves making out time to collect our thoughts. We focus on the singular mission of consciously releasing the tension in your muscles and nourishing your mind with good thoughts. One can get it right with my mind by engaging in what is known as visualization. It works for me. I nourish my mind by continually and consciously feeding it with thoughts of success, positivity, and peace.

Make out time when you will not be disturbed to get in touch with the powerful inner resource called your mind.

Is it being nourished sufficiently with the right thoughts?

However, do not spend all day meditating. Now that you are now relaxed, positive, and calm and collected, you have to get back to work now.


Just as nature abhors vacuum, it also abhors stagnancy. You have to be on the move. We all have bills to pay. We have needs of our loved ones to cater for. Even if one is the only person on planet Earth, you still have to cater for someone’s need.

Your need!

We need income generated from the work we do to cater for these needs.

We all have our work, our career pursuits, and our businesses. Some of us are either employee, self-employed business owners. No matter the sector of our work life, we must set out to achieve career goals. These career goals could be short-term, medium-term or long-term.

One have to work.

However, let us always remember that moderation is the key. You work to live. You do not live to work. Do not be a workaholic.

Do not work too much that you forget to reach out to people.

This is why you should make out time from work to socialize.


We should be conscious of the fact that there is a sphere of our life called our social life that needs nourishing at all time. We all need to get in touch with the people around us. Let us take our time, whether in our workplace, our business area, place of worship and of course at home to show our neighbors and loved ones that we care. We need to get in touch. Read a book on building sound human relationship. Master the use of emotional intelligence. Make out time to get in touch and connect with friends and families. Go to that party.

Do remember to hit the gym the morning after.


Get it right with your body. Make out time to exercise. We can never go wrong when we exercise our body. Hit the gym. Do that press-up, even if you are not feeling up to it. Jog round the block. Numerous researches are out there that highlight the benefit of exercise. Endeavor not to live a sedentary life. Except you have an appointment to keep, leave the elevator, and take the staircase. Just as you exercise your mind and put it into its correct shape during meditation, do likewise to your body.


Get it right with your neighbor .More specifically, the less privileged of the society in which we live in. In a society, we should always have the privileged and the disadvantaged. Congratulations to you if you are among the privileged of the society. You have a plum steady-paying job. You are the CEO of a blue-chip company. All your investments are coming out right as if you are one great prophet. Of course, success from one’s sweat is not wrong.

Living out one’s dream is among the ultimate in life. Still, it does not have to end there. Reach out to the less privileged. Donate to the homeless and the orphanage. Make some philanthropic moves. Make efforts to alleviate the sufferings that abound in the world. We all know that givers never lack. Givers will always live a life of plenty.


Take out time to review your goals. Where are you coming from? Where are you now? Where are you going? We all have short-term goals, medium -term goals, long-term goals in our work life, business, health, our social life, our family life. Are you on course?

Are things working out well the way you visualized it, maybe during one of your meditation? Review your goals. Dust that business plan of yours and review it. Take out time to reflect on these questions and make the necessary adjustment, if there is any need for that. Make the necessary calls. Send that email. Take her out if you have not done it for a while. Get the kids a surprise gift. Re-nourish the different spheres of your life.


Get it right with God.

Spend time with God. Make it a habit to talk to God in the form of prayer. Make out time to stay in the presence of God. Just as you aim to have a loving relationship with your fellow human, also have a loving relationship with your God. The world we live in is divided into the physical world and the spiritual world. How well off are we spiritually?

How close are we to God?

Let us be conscious of the need to nourish these different spheres of our life.

We should get it right with our mind and body. Get it right with our loved ones and neighbors.

Get it right with God.



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