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Number 1 on Google

Updated on January 29, 2015

Number One Position on Google

So a few days ago I was checking out some of my websites - I have a bunch of niche websites that I have created to help me to earn some residual income online - and I found that one of my websites was at the top of the search engine results page of Google (SERP). This is basically what I am aiming for for all of my sites although obviously this is a tough thing to do as there is so much competition out there.

Getting to number one in the SERP is great because it means that you are more likely to get most of the traffic from people searching for that keyword. There are various figures about what percentage of clicks the top site gets but it ranges from 30-40%. This can be almost 3 times as much traffic as the second placed result may get so it is important to get as high in the rankings as possible.

Quite often it seems that the Wikipedia entry for a search term comes at the top of the rankings so to get above this is quite an accomplishment too I think.

I have about 20 websites that are all created on the WordPress platform and hosted with Hostgator as this is the most cost efficient way of hosting the sites - you can get unlimited Wordpress hosting on Hostgator for less than $10 a month. Check out my coupon codes for discounts on web hosting here.

How To Get To Number One?

So the question is, how do you get to number one on Google? Well that is a question that a lot of people would like to have the answer to! many people think that they know how to do it and even though I have managed to get one of my sites there I am not sure that any of my others will get that far. However, I will try to analyse what has got my site to that position to see if I can replicate any of those qualities.

The website that has got to number 1 in google is my site for a public transportation system in Dubai called The truth is that the site does not have a huge amount of competition. There are a few other sites that also contain some information about the monorail system but I don't think that there is another site that is actually dedicated to information purely about that and nothing else. There are some other quite authoritative sites that contain information about it, including wikipedia, but my site comes above all of those.

This makes it a tricky thing to replicate in that you would have to find a keyword or niche that maybe no-one had exclusively covered. Also it would be advisable to have a .com domain name that covered the keyword you were looking at. This means that you might have to dig pretty deep to find something that had not been exclusively covered by someone else. perhaps you would need to check on Google trends for new things or else drill down a level in that niche to something very specific. However, the further you drill down, the less the traffic will get.

I think one thing this site offers is that I will reply to comments and questions that people ask about the monorail - so in this case it is necessary to have plenty of knowledge about the subject. There are quite a few questions asked and this also adds on content to the site which may also answer questions that other people are looking for.

The website is making a steady income so that is a good thing!

Number 1 in Google

It's great to be number 1 in Google!
It's great to be number 1 in Google!

How To Go Forward

So, having looked at this site and tried to analyse how it got to number 1 in Google, I came up with the following ideas:

  • Get a specific keyword domain name
  • Go for the .com where possible
  • Have a site dedicated exclusively to a niche
  • Check for low competition on your keyword (check for "exact match" searches)
  • Check that there are a suitable number of searches each month for your search term (use the Google Keyword Tool)
  • Try and have some exclusive knowledge on a subject if possible
  • Use a good SEO WordPress plugin
  • Have the information that your readers are looking for

Maybe the last point is the key one in this case. To focus on providing information that the readers want is going to mean that you will have keywords in your site that are relevant.

I know it will not be easy to have many if any more sites at number 1 in Google but the key to most things is to study things that work and base any other stuff on those studies and maybe you can come up with the same winning formula again.


So I have been using these pointers to create more sites and slowly they are also starting to reach the top of the rankings - in fact one has become even more successful than this one.

Another thing I think is important is perhaps getting ahead of the game - maybe creating a site for something that will be developed in the future and laying the foundations for yours to be the best site on this. I have a few irons in the fire for websites that may not reach their peak for a few years but it's worth starting early.


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    • Hotshot_peter profile image

      Hotshot_peter 5 years ago from Over yonder tree

      Congratulations! Voted up and useful

    • Azure11 profile image

      Azure11 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks Peter!

    • hospitalera profile image

      hospitalera 5 years ago

      The competition in the Adwords tool refers to the competition amongst advertisers for a specific keyword, not to competing websites. For this you have to do a search in quotation marks "like this" in Google that shows you all pages that have these keywords in the exact order on their site, your competition for "palm monorail" is 128,000 which is pretty low-middle. Also take care that you are not mislead by Google's personalized, localized results, use a proxy like to determine your real rankings ...

    • Azure11 profile image

      Azure11 5 years ago from UK

      good points hospitalera and of course you are right about the competition - I must have been having a senile moment so I will amend that - have spent many a time doing an exact search on Google! I was thinking that the results were not localised as I am not located in Dubai so hopefully that has not skewed them. I will check though, thanks.

    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Congratulations on your success! As a Google neophyte (a.k.a. tenderfoot), I still struggle with understanding how all of this works. I found this to be interesting, and very helpful.

    • Azure11 profile image

      Azure11 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks Genna :-)

    • Duane Reeve profile image

      Duane Reeve 5 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed reading this Hub!

      I firmly believe the domain URL is the single most important factor when it comes to getting good positioning in the SERPs. Research keywords and see search volumes and then register a domain name with at least one targeted keyword in the URL. Time spent doing your homework before registering the domain name (URL) is made up 10x when it comes to doing further SEO later.

      Azure11: I had a brief look at your 'Palm-Monorail' site to see why you aren't earning well with a #1-ranked site.

      I'm no expert with Adsense, but I think you could improve your Adsense revenue by:

      1. Adding a "horizontal linea Ad" under your main menu

      2. Adding a 300x250 Text only Ad box above your menu in the side-bar (i.e. Above the fold - Must be Text Only)

      Another change I would consider, is using another theme with a smaller header area or reduce the header size in the current theme (if possible). Again, to get more content 'above the fold' (without having to scroll).

      Otherwise, good luck with the site & make money!

    • profile image

      PWalker281 5 years ago

      Wow, that's great. I searched for your site using "Palm Monorail" as the search term and found you in the #2 spot, right after Wikipedia. Close enough! Those rankings probably fluctuate from day to day, but you are definitely up there. I've thought about doing niche sites; I know where to go for information (i.e., your hubs) if I ever decide to do it. Voted up, useful, and interesting.

    • Azure11 profile image

      Azure11 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks PW - yeah I think maybe the results are skewed to me so I am number 2 so maybe I have to delete this hub lol! Still I don't mind being below wikipedia (as I don't actually think they have much useful info on it anyway!).

      Thanks so much also Duane, the advice is very much appreciated. I will definitely try and implement what you suggest, I am always open to suggestions as I am definitely still learning in all this!

    • Jason Matthews profile image

      Jason Matthews 4 years ago from North Carolina

      Nice hub. Very useful and informative!

    • MelChi profile image

      Melanie Chisnall 4 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      Well done! :)

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