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Water Refilling Station business, an OFW's future

Updated on April 11, 2012
230t set
230t set

secure yourself and your family with a solid rock investment

There is no doubt that many of our fellow Filipino citizen who works abroad supports their loved ones back in the Philippines. No matter what job they are into, regardless if its blue or white, the OFW shares common goal.The ultimate purpose of sacrificing their presence within the family is to secure financial stability for the parents, the spouse, their children...even relatives comes in the lists.

The difference is how then they carry themselves with the good decision to prolong the purchase value of their hard earned money down to the last cent. Time is a good winged element that flies fast, before they know it, the work contract ceases. Question is: can they go home with a solid rock future to stand on as a result of their years of toil?

An average OFW remits at least 20,000.00 a month back home. These amount are stashed apart proportionally for the household expenditures. Food,Education, shelter etc. The same situation happens all over each remittance. For wiser family or high paying jobs OFW, they manage a good savings account, but mostly, there is no savings left. It prompts the OFW to extend contract or renew, leaving behind the longing feelings of seeing or living life together as one family.

In some cases rather,families who are lucky enough to migrate in other country still left their extended families in the Philippines and are continuously sending financial support for them. Hurrah to the strong family ties Filipino traditions are well known of. Hurrah for Filipinos who are unselfish and big hearted.

How then can OFW send future to depend on and not a money to spend by?

Choosing the right way to invest is a good answer. With so many options that abounds here and there, factors must be considered accordingly. survey wise, one of the businesses that is always a nominee is putting up WATER REFILLING STATION. To know why, let us have some peek on the feasibility of this business through the following:

Feasibilty studies within the first 100meters radial location of your water station,with at least 200 families/residences:

lowest possible order- 400 containers per week (2 containers per family per week consumption or 50 containers a day deliveries)

Sales/wk 400x30.00= 12,250.00


Week rent 1,250.00

(electric&water consumption per cont) -3,200.00 (8.00x 400)

Delivery/fuel(4 orders per deliver) -2,000.00 (5.00 x 400)

Wage (delivery boy & store boy) -1,500.00

Net income/wk +4,050.00

x4 weeks= 16,100.00 NET

NOTE: this feasibility gives you the lowest number of clients in a less dense areas,poorest marketing strategy of PWS, and smallest consumption of water in a week with the highest wage,delivery fuel, and utility expenses in order to unmask hidden agenda of purely commercial motive. Increasing the number of orders will not change the net deduction cost much. so if we get the average income from 800 deliveries a week, net income is around 53,000.00. That's just average.

Apart from the feasibility of this business, the reason why WPS is a good investment is outlined as follows:

1. Water, clean and safe to drink is a necessity.

2. Lifespan of PWS equipments is long, provided you chose the right suppliers and installers. 3. Maintenance is low

4. One time outlay of investment.

5. It can give way to another business ideas related to water (laundry shop, carwash, bottled water,ice making etc....

this and for all other reasons mentioned above that AQUAKONZULT designed its systems. Because we understand every OFW. Because we strongly upholds that Purified water system must be built to last a lifetime at the most sensible package price.

See AQUAKONZULT links in the web to get the full details of package 230T or package 250T or call @ 02-545-0604 or mobile 0923-8955-605 and 0916-657-2026

Cheers to all OFW in making the right choice of Water Refilling Station as a business investment and for choosing AQUAKONZULT to give them a solid rock equipment that is built to last a lifetime!


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    • profile image

      marlon 2 years ago


      there is a offer to me for water refilling equipment. kindly advise me if the price is correct or not.

      4-blue housing with bracket


      2-head sediment


      1-multimedia frame skid

      1-RO 3000gpd

      2 booster pump 1 hp

      1-control pump

      1-uv 6gpm

      2-1000L ss tank

      4 sediment filter

      2-carbon block CTO

      fittings and pipes

      COST PHP280,000.00

      Kindly advise if we that price is more and how much i can get a discoount..



    • aquakonzult profile image

      aquakonzult 3 years ago


    • profile image

      cipriano natividad 4 years ago

      Nice Plan and good business to to start