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Octopus HR

Updated on May 1, 2011

Octopus HR

Octopus HR is a sophisticated, simple to use ideal online software for the proper management of Human Resources. Pulled together by experts who have listened to their clients needs it has been tested over time to become the leader in its field. Once a company has used Octopus HR to help solve its business problems it wonders how it managed without it before. Human Resources are vitally important as they are the building blocks on which every business rests. To succeed in the modern world it is important to manage and care for staff correctly.

Every company is different and varies in its needs. Octopus HR knows this and will help its clients configure the software settings so that the product is ideal for them. Octopus is client friendly and will listen to any problems, queries and needs and will adapt these to make the product exactly what the customer wants. As needs and requirements change then the Octopus Human Resources software changes alongside so that it is always up to date and ready.

The software package is online and so is accessible from any computer anywhere twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Octopus HR is manageable and will make work more efficient and reliable and instill confidence in the staff who use it.

Octopus Human Resources Software

Octopus HR
Octopus HR

Real Octopuses

  • When you are taking about more than one octopus, the plural is octopi or octopuses
  • The octopus is not a very long lived animal. The lifespan can vary from four months to four years. As a general rule the larger the octopus, the longer it lives
  • Octopuses sleep during the day. They are nocturnal
  • Octopuses can be found in every ocean in the world
  • Octopi have three hearts. Two of these work on pumping pump blood through its gills, whilst the third will pump the blood through the rest of the body.
  • Octopi range in size from one inch to more than 16 feet
  • The worlds most famous Octopus was 'Paul The Octopus'

White Spotted Octopus


The Octopus HR is not a real octopus but using the name for the product is a good choice because like the real octopus it is intelligent and spreads itself out. It remains the best choice for Human Resources management.


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