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Of Touch, Edward H. Miner, Cow Pies, and eBay

Updated on August 27, 2013
Dutch Belted Cows Edward Herbert Miner Painting
Dutch Belted Cows Edward Herbert Miner Painting | Source

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Maybe it's because I just watched the premier episode of Fox-TV's Touch last night, but it seems like 24 (sorry, Kiefer, I couldn't resist the punny temptation) hours later, I'm seeing connections everywhere I go and in everything I do. Hopefully, this borderline OCD I'm experiencing will fade away in--oh, five or six days or so--just in time for me to have a relapse when I view the next episode.

For those of you who are allergic to American Idol or, for some reason, have an aversion to Ryan Seacrest and thus missed the great new Thursday evening television show that followed, I'll briefly detour from what this hub is really about and provide you with a summary.

Touch is about three principal characters and a host of lesser characters who seemingly appear insignificant at first but then eventually provide the viewer with a number of serendipitous moments. Brilliantly written and equally dramatized by Kiefer Sutherland, Danny Glover, and their young co-star, David Mazouz, the basic story line involves an autistic 11-year-old boy who perceives and maps out the connections between seemingly random individuals. Danny Glover is the cosmic life coach, if you will, who mentors Kiefer Sutherland in the process of understanding his son's driven mission and, ultimately, his own.

Unlike a lot of the drivel that sadly infects the television industry today, I guarantee that you'll be fascinated with this drama series. If I'm wrong, well, the comments section below awaits your critic's pen.

So, having given you a synoptic lead-in to this hub, let's begin connecting the dots.

Cow Pie Reminiscing

In the late fifties, when I was a little boy, my father would take me crabbing along the banks of Kaua'i's rivers. It was a fun enough experience, especially when Dad let me pull up the crab nets. More often than not, this was a challenging enterprise due to the weight of the Samoan crabs.

Still, while I never told my father, I had some apprehension about the crabbing experience...well, actually, the prerequisite part of walking through the pasture to get to the river bank. I don't know what it was about the rivers on my island, but it seemed like every public access involved trekking across cattle acreage.

And where there's cattle, there's...yep!...tons and tons of cow pies.

I was one of those kids who had a manure phobia.

By the light of day, I could at least dodge the major ones, especially the freshly deposited wet, green, and squishy land mines. There were times, however, when we did our crabbing long before the sun came up or after it had disappeared over Mt. Waialeale. Terrified, like a deer caught in the headlights...or--more specifically--like a little boy stepping gingerly where he's never stepped before...the horrific anticipation of landing ankle-deep in unseen mushy, stinky, and humongous cow pies paled only in comparison to the actual horrible experience of actualizing that fear.

Crabbing itself was a singularly enjoyable and sporting experience...but each foray to the river banks involved dual trips over manure-infested acreage. There's the going ...and then there's the returning . And my little-boy mind reeled with the horror of it all!

I've never told my father about the trauma I endured. I can only wonder now if he himself had ever wondered then why I might have been presenting a bit autistically.

Bringing it all Together

Fast-forward to the present...

Last week, I was carefully removing staples from a 1925 issue of The National Geographic with the intent of gleaning vintage print ads to list on eBay when I came across a large article that was spiced with a bevy of bovine beauties (Ah! Alliteration abounds!).

The magazine color plates were derived from Edward Herbert Miner paintings of cattle of the world. I was mesmerized by the beautiful artwork and immediately decided that I was going to present these magnificent old prints on the global market.

And what better place to do that than on eBay?

As I recall, there were about twenty color plates, but I accidentally tore one of them. Anyway, I listed them, along with a black and white illustration by another artist and a few photo prints taken from the same article.

Every now and then, eBay offers free listing for its sellers, so I took advantage of that bonus. Today, I was happy to see that I made one sale, and that's the print in the feature photo above.

I'll continue to relist most of the other prints during this freebie period, After that, I'll put them up in my eBay store, Lords of the Fly.

Coming full circle in this article, I have to admit that I'm drawn to the intriguing notion that autistic children are brilliant beyond our mortal comprehension. Indeed, what appears chaotic to most may very well have patterns that transcend our grasp.

I'm moved to look closer at things, places, fauna and flora, and--even more so--at other human beings today. Feasibly, there are connections between us all.

Like pixels on the television screen that appear, upon microscopic scrutiny, to be just colorful yet disconnected dots...

...Transformed somehow, as the camera pulls away for a panoramic view, into a startling and breathtaking visual of the WHOLE...

LIke being triggered by a cerebral smorgasbord of a new television show...

Like looking at pictures of cattle and humorously piqued by memories of unsuccessfully dodging cow pies...

Like asking God to bless my entrepreneurial efforts on the world's largest global online venue...

Like wanting to connect with YOU here on HubPages...

Oh, the wonder of it all!


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  • hawaiianodysseus profile image

    Hawaiian Odysseus 5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Hi, WND!

    This is really a nice win-win, and by that I mean, you're going through Hubs of mine that, sadly, have that HP brand of Zzz on them. In a way, I understand it because of the niche I specialize in. However, when one puts in a lot of hard work on a writing project, well, you know where I'm coming from...

    But would I ever delete any of my Hubs because of that status? Never! And the prime reason is because of people like you who find value in reading educational if silly experiences of an eBay seller who truly desires for others to have an alternative and viable source of income.

    Wow! I've said a mouthful! But mainly I want to thank you for what you're doing here on HP, not just in contributing your great writing and sharing your sweet experiences with your darling pets, interesting mystery reviews, and simple yet profound life experiences, but with the manner in which you elevate people with your encouraging and uplifting comments.

    Thanks for truly making a difference here on HP! We'll continue having fun, then, running through the pasture of HP and dodging--as best we can--the occasional cow pie! : )

  • wetnosedogs profile image

    wetnosedogs 5 years ago from Alabama

    And here I thought little boys would love that kind of adventure through cow pies! Guess I would be the silly tomboy that would get a kick out of dodging stuff like that.

    I have a vacation day and came to see what more I could learn from you about selling on ebay. Somehow I picked this hub!

    I am amazed how your memories can link you up to your ebay. This was fun to read.