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Off Page SEO Techniques for 2014 to Drive Traffic To Your Articles

Updated on January 25, 2014

You can check out my past few articles that I posted about Search Engine Optimization.Now I am revealing my secret about SEO that I have learned from my experience.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO involves all SEO initiatives that are used outside of the web page itself. Generally these initiatives concentrate on determining appropriate link-opportunities that can be utilized through a wide range of SEO techniques and techniques.

I am been trying & experimenting to get rank for my blogs and my client's blog to be ranked on Search engine since last few years. I have been exploring my stuffs that I have learned from my blogging journey, so that more and more people would get advantage of my knowledge to get traffic to their blog.

Being an SEO Professional, I hereby recommend some the aspects that cope with off-page SEO. I discovered this community to be the best suitable position for discussing. Below is a record of some aspects most individuals may be acquainted with, but I have also included a few innovative aspects that you may not know. Try these Advanced Off-Page SEO Techniques to promote your web page, get rated in Google, and to develop on the internet popularity (branding) for your company/website.


Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the best way to drive traffic from social networking sites. I generally did practice of submitting my article links on popular social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Reddit. Other popular social bookmarking sites where you can submit your post are Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Propeller, etc

Don't Spam:

Try to write few words of description on bookmarking sites about your link you are sharing. Never try to just post link and escape from there. Few peoples/sites would mark it as spam and your link/blog might get diverse effect. Your blog ranking and authority might get down, if your blog or post link marked as spam.

Which Link Building Method Do You Use to get Backlinks

See results

Forum Postings

This is the another best way to get permanent high quality backlink.Some of the best Hight PR forums are providing signature backlink, so whenever you are commenting or answering any question, your signature link will be added there.

If you are writing about how to Blog, its very good option to get backlinks from forums. Search for most asked question, hot questions from those forums and and create unique article about it. Now after creating article, go to that question page and answer that question with your article link.

This way, whenever any other users are searching for answer to that question, they will read all answers and they will see your reference link to that answers. Click on that link and redirected to your blog.

Most important thing if the forum you are answering is dofollow, you will get dofollow backlink for your published link. That will increase your blog's authority as well as pagerank.

Link building can be done through online directories or by sharing with on other sites on a reciprocal basis- on an arrangement with the other webmasters.
Link building can be done through online directories or by sharing with on other sites on a reciprocal basis- on an arrangement with the other webmasters.

Answer Submission

Its similar to forum answering. There are few high PR answer website that gives links.Like Yahoo answers, Ehowporal Answers.

You can simply answers questions asked there, and give reference to your site while answering.

Search Engine Submission

You can submit your site URL to Google, Bing,Open Directory,Yandex,ASR,ScrubTheWeb and many more. Submitting your site to search engine, will index your site in their listing. So that whenever you search about your blog or article form your blog, your site URL comes up on search engine result page.

If you have created brand new blog, you can check How to get your new blog/website in to Search Engine within 9 hours Article, that will help you to get your site listed in major search engine quickly.

Directory Submission

Many people may say that listing distribution is deceased. As far as I'm involved it is still in existence. It is simply based on how successfully we are selecting those internet directories and how successfully we are selecting the classification for distribution. Of course, I believe the fact that it gives quite late results, but it is worth doing it. Publish your sites to the best quality internet directories like DMOZ, Google Directory, ZoomInfo, One Objective, Pegasus, etc. These days many web internet directories may offer compensated results but don't go for it.

Photo sharing & Video Sharing

This is still most effective way to get traffic and backlink from popular photo sharing and video sharing websites.You can share images on popular photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, Picli, etc.

You can also create your video tutorial. I am using Youtube to promote my blog links.
For example, you can check that YouTube link,

I have created article on How To Link Youtube Channel To Google+ Page( )

and than published video about it on YouTube. This way, we can get maximum exposure from photosharing or video sharing sites.

Other Useful Effective Off page SEO technique

You can use Infographic submission, PPC Ad Campaign, Widget / Gadget Development, Document Sharing, Classifieds Submission, Press Release Promotion, Link Exchange, Content Marketing etc. That are still effective method for offpage SEO techniques.


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