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Office Guest Chairs – Save Money by Getting the Right One

Updated on March 1, 2010

If you’ve got an office you’re going to have people coming in to talk to you and unless you want to keep their visits to a minimum you’re going to need to have office guest chairs available for them to sit down.  Chances are that since you’re here you’re looking at purchasing office guest chairs.  So whether you view them as a necessary evil or want to have a place for people to sit down and collaborate, the key to saving money on office guest chairs is to get the right one.  So how do you know which one’s the right one for you?

The different types of office guest chairs

There are several different types of office guest chairs that range from simple side chairs with a seat and four legs, to sled legged guest chairs, to leather office guest chairs – each one equally capable but more suitable for certain situations than others.  To determine best guest office chair for your needs let’s consider several scenarios.

The Boss’ Office

The boss has got a lot of stuff going on.  He’s (of She’s) got people coming in to complain about this or that, he’s got sales people and customers to meet with, he may want to hold meetings in their (if the office is big enough).  In this situation he’s going need something nice and professional looking (for when his boss comes in), he’ll need something durable but not too comfortable.  After all, can’t waste all day talking to people.  For this instance you’ll probably need something like the office star guest chair shown below.

The HR Representative

One of the main functions of the HR is to meet with people to discuss HR things, provide interviews, meetings with clients.  There’s going to be a lot of people coming in and out, getting up and down, and moving chairs all around.  For this situation he or she would want a more mobile chair.  Something with casters or a sled bottom that facilitates moving the chair to stand up from a conference table.  Something like the Boss B9529 side chair or office star’s rolling visitor chair would work well.

The lowly office worker

The lowly office worker more than likely has a cubicle over an office or if they do have an office it’s quite small.  It’s still necessary for the lowly office worker to have visitors to collaborate on projects (and not have visitors who stop by and shoot the breeze) but they probably won’t stay long or need to rearrange the seating.  With this in mind the Basyx guest office chair would provide everything needed but at an affordable price.  We don’t want to make me…er, the lowly office worker too happy.

Obviously, this doesn’t cover every situation but it’s meant to provide you with the best office guest chairs for the scenarios.  Most people will probably fit into one of the above scenarios or could apply it to their own scenario. 

If you don’t like any of the above suggestions there are a lot of good resources online for buying office guest chairs.  If you do a little bit of research you should be able to find good, affordable office guest chairs that will meet your needs.  The best strategy that I’ve found is to price shop online and then, if you can, check out the guest chair in person.  This way you already have a price in mind and if you like that model you can buy them there. 

If you’re really on a budget or are need to buy office guest chairs for a whole company you can try looking online for used office guest chairs which can be a lot more affordable if you find a good deal.  As with most things in life, a little bit of homework will go a long ways.

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