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Microsoft Office Productivity | Free Templates

Updated on October 17, 2011
There are a few possibilities. Since you didn't mention what kind of template you needed; will, divorce, contract, invoice, etc, I guess you want all kinds of templates. The second I will make is that you are looking for Microsoft Office templates. If that is the case, you can navigate over to the Microsoft Office template site. They have thousands of free templates and you can also buy some from other suppliers. For your convenience, here is the url: That said, there are a number of other templates that you may find useful. There is the site for OpenOffice, the Open Source, Office Productivity suite. It is almost as powerful as Microsoft Office, but its free. They have a wide selection of templates for free as well. Their url is : To download their software, you can go to : Next is IBM/Lotus. They also have their own offerings for Office Productivity software. Again this is free and it is loosely based on the OpenOffice codebase. However they have added their own features as well. They also have tons of free templates and add-ins. Their package is called Lotus Symphony. You can find their templates at : You can download their software at : I will throw this in, you can also get a lots of templates for free from Apple if you are using their Pages software, really compatible with Microsoft Office. The site for the Pages templates is: If you don't have their software, but would like to use it, you get the software here: The templates are available here: If these sites don't provide the templates that you need, there are numerous other templates available for free from other vendors. You probably can find what you are looking for through Google. I hope this has been useful for you.


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