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Office Water Coolers – Find the best water coolers for a cheap price

Updated on May 9, 2010

Office water coolers are more than just a supply of fresh drinking water. They are also symbolic of office unity, a place where people hang out to get away from their desk and get some refreshment. Drinking water has been shown to improve health and increase productivity making the workplace a more efficient working environment. Water coolers offer an environmentally friendly way to provide cool drinking water for everyone in the office. Not to mention that the water you get from the water cooler is better tasting and chilled to just the right temperature to provide optimum refreshment.

Now if you’re interested in getting a cooler there are a number of things you’ll need to know to get the best price on office water coolers. Modern water coolers offer a ton of different features. By far the most popular style is the bottled water cooler. These conveniently provide clean drinking water in large bottles. The plus side to this is that you can place these coolers just about anywhere without the need to have a water line available. The downside is that you require a water cooler delivery service that provides the bottled water and takes back the empties. Water cooler suppliers are available locally and their services are generally very economical with a 5 gallon bottle of water only costing around 5 bucks. Another downside to the bottled water cooler is that the water needs to be replaced. On the other hand, plumbed water coolers eliminate the need for replacing water because they have their water supply plumbed right in. This of course means that it needs to be located near a water line, limiting the number of places you can locate your office cooler.

Office Water Cooler Features

Starting with the bottled water coolers you can go with the very basic cheap office water coolers that merely provide a small uncooled reservoir.  These are just your basic office coolers that provide water when and where needed.  The most common bottled water cooler is the chilled water cooler.  These have a refrigeration unit built in and will chill the water to approximately 50F.  Usually these coolers will only be a few dollars more and provide the benefit of cool refreshing water on demand. The next step up are the heated and chilled water coolers.  In addition to chilled water, these coolers have a separate reservoir that maintains hot water for tea, hot chocolate, instant coffee or oatmeal, etc.  These even have a safety feature to prevent children from pouring hot water everywhere.  This feature is anywhere from 40-50 dollars more which is a small price to pay for the added convenience especially considering that these units come with a 5 year warranty.

The plumbed or Point of Use Water Coolers (POU) come with many of the same features as the bottled water coolers:  chilled water, on demand hot water, etc.  However, many of the POU water coolers come with the option to filter the tap water that is plumbed to them.  Some of them merely provide a carbon based water filter (much like a PUR or Brita water filter) but some of the higher end water coolers offer reverse osmosis built right in.  These are great if you have hard and unpleasant tap water, they can soften the water which provides a much cleaner refreshing taste.  There is some debate on whether it’s better to leave the minerals in your water rather than just drinking the reverse osmosis water and therefore many of the RO water coolers have the option to switch to mineral mode.  Unless you’re drinking 10+ glasses a day, it’s probably not an issue.  The POU water coolers will need to be installed which is another task in an otherwise busy day or you can have them professionally installed.  While this can be a costly option, just remember that it is a one-time cost for a unit that will last well over 5 years. 

Whether you’re looking to replace and old office cooler or you’re looking for new water coolers, there are several things you’ll need to get the best prices.  Each feature and option is going to cost a little bit more so there’s always going to be the cost-benefit issue that needs to be weighed.  The point of use water coolers need to be plumbed which can be time consuming and expensive but it’s a onetime setup fee and you don’t have to deal with water delivery services.   The bottled water coolers have the option of portability and flexible location but if you choose to locate it somewhere out-of-the-way you’ll have to store the water close by or haul it from your storage location.  Keep in mind that any feature has the potential to breakdown and that maintenance costs are going to be a little higher with the filters and reverse osmosis.  There are several retailers online that offer very low prices on office water coolers.  To get the best price it’s best to check with a big retailer such as Amazon as they deal in volume and can get low prices.  Once you have that as your baseline check with specialized retailers to see if they have any sales that can compete with Amazon.  It’s been my experience that Amazon will win 90% of the time, but you never know.

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