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Old Navy Job Application Online

Updated on August 16, 2012

Gap Incorporated Clothing Company gave us a wide range of fashion clothing thru its primary brand Old Navy. The reputation precedes itself as one of the premier makers of the best clothing globally as evident of its reached on a worldwide audience. The longevity of Old Navy has become a stable place for employment opportunity.

By applying online you have to access Old Navy’s main website and start rummaging through the career opportunities webpage. As with any business organization Old Navy will not be devoid of job vacancies and for your part you have to choose the right one that will fit your qualifications.

After determining the right job suited for your skills you would fill up the online application form to the process started. It will direct you to giving pertinent information on why you are suited for the job you are applying this the perfect time to list down all your credentials related to the job post. Apart from the job application form you will have to include curriculum vitae along with your resume to help the employer in finding if you are a right fit for the position.

With the curriculum vitae and the resume it will introduce you properly to the employer giving him a total idea of your persona along with your skills. In working for Old Navy you are working for a prestigious company focused in making trends in the fashion industry.

In choosing Old Navy you are getting into a retail environment with all the works but with the benefits that goes with the Old Navy tradition. The whole online application process takes you about 30 to 40 minutes. While filling out the application form makes sure you have everything correct.  References are also part of the Old Navy job application and this should include past supervisors and managers with the right contact numbers.

Old Navy is an American brand which was founded in 1994 other popular brands under the Old Navy umbrella includes Forth and Towne and Banana Republic.

Its primary headquarters is in San Francisco, California the first store ever to be opened was located in Colma, California and presently the United States has 900 stores of Old Navy clothing. The popular apparel usually targets the middle class families but has an affordable price tag within reach. Fash’on is the main slogan of the Old Navy Clothing store and an earlier dog mascot by the name of Magic endorsed the famous brand. The present times sent the name Magic in storage and it was changed to Paco. The whole concept of Old Navy clothing store gives out the ambience of the traditional military surplus store and deals with accessories and family fashion.


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    • profile image

      Thanusiya 5 years ago

      I am expecting sales floor team member

    • profile image

      jonalyn 6 years ago

      Hi, im trying to find the job application online but i can't find it. Can i just come in and fill out an application please?

      I really need a job to help my family