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On Social Media, Content is King

Updated on July 6, 2010

On Social Media, Content is King

The best way to market online is with social media marketing. It’s a two way street, with you putting out great information and then listening to your audiences. The way you do this is provide valuable information, answer comments, ask questions, get people interested and give them the opportunity to share their information. Your articles should provide value to people. If you can build your own social media content, it’s the free way to success online. You can make articles, videos or podcasts as your content. You can outsource this work as well to free up some of your time to do what you do best.

Another form of social media content is a good comment that you provide on yours or others pages. When you know that other people are interested and give them a reason to want to get involved with you, that’s an open door. A good valuable comment can start at wherever you're leaving your comment, there's always a link back to your page. A link on your comment when appropriate to the conversation can push traffic back to you. When you say something interesting and the people start paying attention to you, you're pretty much going to get a click thru to the next spot where you want them to land, whether that's your website, your blog or your landing page.  That is the way to get people into your sales funnel.

You could compare it to a networking event. People want to go to the person that has something interesting to talk about and something that you're interested in. If you’re a golfer, it could be the group of guys that's talking about golf in the corner. With social media marketing using content, you can talk golf, baseball, or about marketing, but you need to understand that you join a conversation that's already going on and then you add to the conversation. You don't take from the conversation. By adding to the conversation, everybody benefits and people will pay more attention to you that you are adding to the conversation in a social media content format.


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    • dougmcisaac profile image

      dougmcisaac 7 years ago from Billings

      You've got it Steve. In fact your comment is also one of the best forms of content.

    • stevebuchalter profile image

      stevebuchalter 7 years ago from Knysna, South Africa

      So many people see content as one sided. I love the idea of content being considered as a conversation initiator. Thank for these articles