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Employment: Jobs You Love

Updated on March 12, 2013


The reason I like that movie "Flashdance," is because the main character is working on her craft everyday no matter what. She's driven. She's motivated because it's her dream. She shares a love of dance with her beloved grandmother too. She does whatever she has to do, to make things happen in her life. I admire that. I'm inspired by that.

We need to remind ourselves all of the time that we actually need the things that make us tick. It's okay to acknowledge this. It really is, because if we don't figure it out for ourselves we'll just flounder around doing nothing. Achieving nothing. I don't want that. Life has to go somewhere. The fact is it is changing whether we can see it or not. From moment to moment nothing is the same. Just the idea that time has passed, means things are different that they were just a few brief seconds ago. What we have to realize is that no matter if we progress, the world around us will continue to change like the stock market.

It seems to me that this ends up meaning that we can choose to do nothing and sit by and watch the world go by, or we can join in and have fun challenging ourselves. What else are we doing anyway? Are we okay the way we are, or should we do something like... You fill in the blank.

My cousin Jamee worked so hard at her craft that she landed one or two scenes on the once popular TV series "Dallas." She knew what she was doing so well that she was able to make sure her younger brother Patrick ended up on the show as well.

My brother's wife loved medicine so much that after she graduated from medical school she stayed home and wrote medical books while her children were young. By the time they had grown up some she decided she wanted to work with patients in a different way, so she went to one of the top nursing schools in the country, and is now a nurse.

My girlfriend Chris started a business with her brother and I remember that they didn't draw paychecks for a long time after they got going. They just knew things would take off, and they did.

So it seems that all of us do have choices. We just have to decide if we're a player or a fan.


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    • Dee42 profile image

      Dee42 6 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

      Awesome!! This was the first time I read one of your Hubs. Simply wonderful, I will read more and vote on up.