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'One Minute Commissions' Review Reveals How to Make Money & Get Traffic With 'You Tube' & Amazon

Updated on May 13, 2012

One Minute Commissions Review

Here is a review of The One Minute Commissions Program (OMC) which was launched today, the April 10, 2012 by Rebecca Roberts and Mike Auton.

What Is One Minute Commissions?

One Minute Commissions is a new and powerful piece of software which is very effective when used in conjunction with Youtube and Google. What makes OMC so powerful is the fact that it sends targeted traffic to any affiliate program you promote through Clickbank or Amazon.

How The OMC Works?

One Minute Commissions is a simple and easy program to operate. It is based on a piece of software developed by Mike Auton and Rebecca Roberts called the 'ACCELERO'. When you become a member of OMC you will get access to the member's area where you will use 'ACCELERO' to create professional looking videos to upload on Youtube.

There are 5 Steps to making money with OMC. I will explain each step below.

Step 1: Requires that you have a Clickbank and Amazon account, so if you don't have either one you should open an account otherwise you will not be able to proceed with the program.

Step 2: After you have created a Clickbank and Amazon account you will proceed to choose a product you wish to promote. You can choose a product from Clickbank's marketplace which has thousands of products in various categories. If you are not sure of what product or category to choose Clickbank is very helpful through its training seminars on how to choose a hot product and niche that does not have too much competition. The same applies to Amazon. If you choose a product or niche that does not have much competition you will be able to attract more traffic and commissions.

Step 3: Involves starting the 'ACCELERO' Software to promote the affiliate link of your chosen Clickbank or Amazon product.

Step 4: At this stage you will fill out a couple of fields so that 'ACCELERO' will automatically generate a professional looking video of your product to market on Youtube.

Step 5: Now is the time to upload the video you made with the 'ACCELERO' software onto Youtube with your affiliate link on display. It is also beneficial to use ping services at this time so that Google knows that you have created a new website with new content so that it can be indexed.

Those are the 5 steps to the One Minute Comissions program. Once the steps are completed the real magic begins. You see, Google owns Youtube therefore it will play your videos on the front page of the title of the product you decided to promote.

The next part of the magic happens when people search Google for the product you have chosen to promote; the video you've made will appear in Google's listing and will attract targeted traffic, which means that browsers will buy the product because they have found what they were searching for. This also means that you will earn commissions for the sales you have referred.


Can You Really Make Money With OMC?

Before One Minute Commissions went live the program was tried and tested by a couple hundred members who gave feedback so as to enable the creators to tweak and fix any errors in order that it would be perfect for new members at the launch, and most important of all that it will make money.

One member who has been using the ACCELERO program for only 3 days made over $350, and commented saying "I recommend One Minute Commissions to anyone who is struggling to make money online…give a try and a fair shot because you’ve got nothing to lose… it comes with a 100% money back guarantee"

My own experience is making $120 for 6 hours work. I believe this figure will grow as I continue to market my product.

It is possible to make money with OMC because the smart 'ACCELERO' software enables you to create professional looking videos on Youtube in minutes and because it is owned by Google you get a double whammy as your video is indexed instantly.

Video marketing is all the rage and Youtube is the video marketing King. I mean whenever there is a quirky, funny or informational video launched everyone goes to Youtube to view it. Many have found fame and fortune on Youtube, just take a look at the views Susan Boyle received after her appearance on 'Britain's Got Talent'. The potential of One Minute Commissions 'ACCELERO' is phenomenal.

Click Here to visit the official website:


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    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London, England

      Providing your videos are targeted, contain good and relevent content and display your product/service url the number of videos your produce is not important. However, I would recommend 4-5 videos per day.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hello my names Sam I purchased the OMC software. My question for you is whats a good amount of videos to post a day in your opinion?

    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London, England

      I market my You Tube video in the usual manner I market all my products through,ping,social networks, email marketing, stumbleupon, writing a review, adding backlinks,etc

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      How do you market your product once your on You Tube?


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