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One Year To A Real Income The eBay Dream

Updated on September 20, 2013

My Baby paid For By eBay

This is a picture of my brand new 2012 Infiniti G37 I bought this year with some of the money from my ebay sales.
This is a picture of my brand new 2012 Infiniti G37 I bought this year with some of the money from my ebay sales.

You Can Sell On eBay In 1 Year

Being a full time seller on ebay is what I do for a living, it may sound like the dream job, but it is a lot tougher then many people will tell you. There is no get rich quick ebay program out there, that I ever found. What I did find was through working smarter and not giving up, with in a year of starting my business on ebay I was able to leave my job as a school bus driver.

over the next year or so, I am hoping to show anyone that wants to learn the steps I followed, including all the mistakes, from lots of trial and error to how I went from being homeless in 2007 to buying a brand new Infiniti G37x 2 door all wheel drive sports coupe.

Okay this took me a long time to fully understand, I have tried just about every get rich on ebay program out there, and failed at all of them for the same reason, not that they didnt work, I did not love them or what I had to do.

I made money selling adult websites for a while, never enjoyed it but it helped pay the bills, I tried selling ebooks, domain names, vacation packages, and a bunch of other stuff, I even tried writing on hubpages for all of 3 days before I gave it up...

Now before I get to deep into how I do it, I want to tell you why I do it now... it is not for the money, although the money I make is very good... I am doing something I love and believe in.. I sell FLAGS on ebay, here is one of my stores EHTFlags this store pretty much run itself now after years of blood sweat and tears getting this to where it is.

If you ask me why I am successful at what I am doing I will tell you there are two main reasons, the first is God, I believe without His blessing I would have failed. The second is I am doing something I love to do, something I believe in, and something I am proud of.

You must do what you love, or it will not work for the long run... I still live by this today as you will see, there are many ways to market your business, and I will show you many things I have tried both things that worked for me and things did not work.

The Key Is Love What You Do

Everyone Loves Something

No matter who you are, there is something in your life that you get excited about, each one of us has something we love, or enjoy doing. Here are a few examples, do you love the social media stuff, start selling that on ebay people will pay you to help them with it.

Do you love to write, sell articles to business owners to get links to their website do you love to read? how about selling used books, love to cook, sell a video cookbook... the list is endless as your imagination.

My dad had Alzheimer before he passed a way, I took care of him until he died during the day, I was bored a lot of the time because he would sleep, and then one day I was looking for a POW flag close to me as I needed it for the back of my motorcycle... The only flag store I found near me was over 2 hours away. So I said wow this would be a great business for me on ebay selling flags, so I jumped in with both feet, thanks to God for not letting me sink, as I didnt really have the resources to sell flags as I quickly found out.

But I never gave up, I found out quickly i loved selling flags, and it came natural to me, I didnt have to fake it when someone asked me about them, I just started going on and on about flags. I started reading alot about them, looking for them, noticing them, everything I did was flags... Some people would say I was over the top. BUT it also made it easy, to work long hours for little money when I started.

Is eBay Something You Will Love Forever

When I started, I wanted to explode the business from zero sales to a million over night, but there was one thing I found out quickly, the more focused you are on one thing, such as eBay Selling, the more successful you will be.

I wanted it all to start, I had to have an internet store, an ebay store, facebook, twitter, hubpages, you name it I tried to be there, instead of focusing on learning just one platform at a time as far as business was concerned. In 2010 I started to focus my attention on ebay sales, and once I did that I started to grow faster then I ever imagined. I 2011 I did over 135,000 USD in total ebay sales, this year I will do much more. The biggest thing for me was dropping everything BUT ebay.

Not everyone will love selling on eBay, only you will be able to decide that for yourself. It doesnt mean the end of the world if it is not for you. Especially if you find out early that it didnt work for you. There are many drawbacks for some people when it comes to eBay.

eBay charges a lot of fees some people say, some people think paypal over charges to get your money from a buyer, eBay has alot of rules about selling, and they have control issues as well. But for myself I have found that eBay is the perfect business model for what I do.

The make different flavor ice cream for different taste, just like in business there are many different ways to make a living, if you think ebay is for you maybe you should join me, as we venture into the art of selling on eBay.

the best way to follow along is to follow me here on hubpages, this way when I write a new article you will get a notice, I hope to write at least twice a week or more in what I am currently doing to build my eBay Empire as you do to.

God Bless and talk to you soon...
John C

I Love To Hear From You

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    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 

      6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful article. As an ebay seller, I am always jazzed to read inspirational first person accounts such as yours. I hope that we can share information as well as with others via our hubs. From time to time, I'll be stopping by to read more of your ebay updates.

      God bless you with increased favor! Aloha!

    • angelicwarriors profile imageAUTHOR

      John Chartier 

      6 years ago from EHT New Jersey

      Thank you, eBay can be a great source of income, I know for me that as long as I stay focused on just ebay i do very well, when I try doing all the other things, I take away from my sales. Books are a great thing to sell, do you go to the library and buy bags at a time? I heard you can also get great buys from goodwill & salvation army

    • point2make profile image


      6 years ago

      Great hub..... excellent tips and info. Thanks for the encouragement and helpful hits. I think I actually bought a flag from you a while back. I too am a eBay seller (mostly books) and as you point out it is a lot of work but the rewards and satisfaction are also worth the efforts. Look forward to reading more of your hubs. Voted this hub up.


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