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One-to-One Life Coaching Vs High-Profile Life Coaching Events

Updated on September 16, 2011

You don’t have to go back so many years to find a time when life coaching was totally unheard of. More recently, however, it has become increasingly popular in terms of a career and for those who are seeking to take better control of various aspects of their lives. As in any field, there are of course particular individuals who have risen up in the world of life coaching and virtually achieved superstar status. Their seminars attract huge audiences from around the globe and they often sell out completely despite the typically high cost of attendance, and their books sell in the millions. Is it really worth paying the sometimes exorbitant sums which are charged to take part in these high-profile events led by those who are considered to be the gurus of life coaching though, or is one-to-one online coaching a better alternative?

It’s actually not hard to see why the world’s best-known life coaches are able to command such vast audiences, because not only have they worked to become experts in their fields, but they also possess the charm and charisma which is exhibited by all of the world’s top public speakers. They have an uncanny ability, not only to grab their audience’s attention, but to excite and inspire them in a way which few are capable of. Being able to fire up people’s enthusiasm during the course of a one-off event, however, is no guarantee that they will stay motivated enough to do anything with their learning afterwards, and as some of that learning needs to be applied continually before the results begin to manifest themselves, the cost of the event can sometimes turn out to be a poor investment.

Another reason why high-profile life coaching events sometimes don’t hit the mark is because, like books, they cannot provide personal guidance which relates specifically to an individual’s unique set of circumstances, personality or background. Essentially, it’s up to those who attend to go away and relate what they have learnt to themselves and their own situations. Once again, the effort that this requires can mean that levels of motivation start to slump. Not only this though, but it can also lead to individuals trying to apply solutions which are not relevant or appropriate to their own situations.

As many business organizations have discovered to their own cost, when people are trained in larger groups, often there is very little long-term transformation in their workers’ behavior as a result. What they learn is only put into practice for a few short days or weeks after the training takes place, but thereafter it is quickly forgotten about. With one-to-one coaching which focuses on the individual, however, positive transformation is far more likely.

The areas of their lives where people seek guidance through personal coaching are sometimes ones which are highly personal, but in all cases they can only be resolved with the direct input of the individual him or herself. Only by looking at what has gone on before and how people want their lives to look in the future can tailor-made solutions be identified and brought about, and that takes a one-to-one dialogue between coach and client. Of course, with today’s technology offering such a range of communication methods, it isn’t necessary for coach and client to sit down together in the same room, and online coaching which involves contact via e-mail or Skype offers a convenient alternative to face-to-face coaching.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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