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Online Brand Protection Services - Why You Need Them

Updated on April 16, 2015

Protect Your Online Brand

High Quality Online Brand Protection Services

Online brand management matters! Companies providing this service use robust technologies to help you fight against counterfeiters who would take advantage of your brand for their own personal and/ or financial gain.

To achieve its aims, these brand watchdogs use analytical capabilities to locate all damaging sources of your online problems at any given time. Additionally, they employ a highly intelligent interface that is extremely intuitive and has the magnitude of capabilities required to manage and perform the company’s enforcement activities, but with higher efficiency. Therefore, you can be sure that they have what it takes to eliminate all threats to your brand in a systematic and all encompassing manner.

Similarly, the technology comes with the capability to recognize certain patterns and locate hordes of abusive cases. In this way, large networks of counterfeiters are revealed and warded off. My weapon of choice and recommendation is a company called Brandshield and I will go a bit into details about it.

Protect Your Brand

My Weapon of Choice

Basically, professionals in the brand protection industry established BrandShield with the chief goal of developing cutting – edge technology that would provide its corporate clients and other organizations with the powerful solution they required to protect and manage their brands on the internet. The system is backed by several scientists and robust R&D center that is based in Israel. The company is also committed to the continuous development of solutions that meet the requirements of all clients – irrespective of the size of the client. Therefore, BrandShield covers all corporate clients, from the largest enterprises to the smallest companies.

The System and Technology

The BrandShield system and technology is also designed for direct use by all organizations that come to the company for solutions, as well as their branding advisers and legal advisers. The robust technology (whose patent is still pending) combines sophisticated algorithms and monitoring capabilities. It is also fully compatible with the expected expansion of new gTLDs.

In the same way, the system is designed to dramatically improve the way corporate clients manage, protect and safeguard their digital brands. BrandShield accomplished this by providing its clients with the highest levels of business intelligence to ensure that these online brands are highly protected and professionally managed.

Consequently, you can use the technology from BrandShield to fight all infringements to your brand. The brand protection service is also one off the most affordable – irrespective of the size, scope, and breadth of your organization, you can be sure that this brand protection system is among the most affordable you can get in the market today.

Brand Protection Sytem

Brand Management Software

Of course, the technology that BrandShield uses works so well because of the robust and dependable software that this company has put in place. The software will:

a) Analyze your metrics and content

b) Use some of the most sophisticated algorithms to effectively and automatically prioritize all levels of risk to your online brand

c) Use machine learning to drastically improve your results, based on your actions of course

d) Integrate with groundbreaking patter recognition systems to locate and weed out all major parasites to your brand

e) Integrate proactive enforcement tools to eliminate all threats to your brand

In conclusion, BrandShield is among the most effective online brand protection systems available today. Even with the expected gTLDs, this system will not experience any challenges in help you protect and safeguard your brand. Use BrandShield today to ensure that no one is stealing your web traffic, site visitors, users, potential customers and revenues.


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