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Online Business Cards: Make Business Cards Online for Free

Updated on November 27, 2011

Business Cards

Online Business Cards are available for any and all businesses. If you work as a contractor, in sales, as a business owner, or just need your clients to remember how to contact you; a business card is a valuable asset. Today, you can make business cards online for free. You just need to keep a few simple things in mind while designing your custom business card


Having a simple but eye catching logo is a must when designing online business cards. Logos draw attention to the business card and act as a symbol for the business you work for. When you make business cards online for free, many services offer free clip art for your online business card. Choose a design that you like but that also has meaning for your business.


The text portion of the online business cards is the most important. This text will contain your business name, personal name, and contact information. When some people make business cards online for free they include a company slogan as well. You will have the choice of color ink for the text in your ad. You will also be able to choose a text font. Much like the logo, the font should be clear and easy to read yet it should match your business image. A computer company may want a futuristic font on its texts on its cards while a book store may choose a more traditional font.

Business Card Stock

When you make business cards online for free you will also have the choice of a wide selection of material for your business card. No longer is thick white paper the only choice you have in choosing a business card stock. Online business cards can be printed on color paper too. If you want something even more unique, online business cards can be printed a specialty materiel also. These speciality materials include cards made of plastic. Thus the card will last longer, let paper is used, and your card will stand out in your customers business card collection. Poly-frost is another option. This is a semi-transparent plastic material that your text and logo are printed onto. If you are going for an more elegant look, consider using silk. Online business cards that are printed on silk backing have a very elegant and professional look.

Bring it Together

While you make business cards online for free remember that the best cards blend the use of logo’s, colors, text, and card materiel. Online business cards designers will allow you to experiment with different colors, logos, and text. Designing you own online business cards may be one of the most important things you do for yourself.


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