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Online Customer Service and Some Facts

Updated on February 3, 2011

According to the mass point of view, it can be said that if you want your business to be more consistent and profitable, you’ve to provide an advanced level of customer service.  Nevertheless it will be worthless if you offer some high quality products to sell but provide a poor customer service. On the other hand, it’s possible and there are so many examples of selling products with poor quality by providing an exceptional customer service. It’s for certain that customer service is mostly responsible either to make a business successful or to let it fall to a great extent.

Particularly, if you are an entrepreneur of some kind of online business, it is lot more important for making sure of superb customer service endowing with a detailed product description and some policies like shipping and payment methods since web-based business is becoming highly competitive day by day. When the online shoppers look for some specific products, they always expect to have a satisfied shopping experience which can be assured only by a high level of customer service. Another major thing is that if a customer is satisfied with the service you offer, he or she will come to your store for further needs and moreover will share the experience with his or her acquaintances as well as recommend your products to others. You have to keep in mind that if a satisfied customer will recommend your product to 5 people, then a dissatisfied customer will forbid 25 people from purchasing anything from your store.  Therefore, whatever problems or complaints appear to you from the customers; all of these should be handled very sincerely.

Steve Barbarich, the CEO of, once had an unpleasant experience of online shopping as he ordered a bath tub from a so-called ‘online store’. But when he got the product delivered to home, he faced a bit difficulty since it was too large to enter through the doors. After several attempt of fixing the problem himself, Steve informed the customer service department of that online store asking for some assistance. Eventually all he received from them is a word ‘sorry’. This incident motivated him greatly to set off online business and he started up with which has now become the number one online retailer for selling high quality hot tubs. And later on, he gradually launched few other online stores such as, and – these online stores are famous for selling fireplaces & stoves, outdoor kitchens and swim spas respectively. All of these stores run under the unswerving supervision of DirecttoHomeAppliances.

With the view to providing the best customer service, Steve stared his journey. For this reason, he appointed some talented and skilled personnel who had to join at DirecttoHomeAppliances after a successful completion of training session. The customer support team knows exactly how to deal with the customers. From my experience of shopping at DirecttoHomeAppliances, I’ve observed that this team is fairly knowledgeable and you’ll find a consultative approach in their behavior which drew my attraction most of all.


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    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 

      7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      Before i retired ten years ago there was a big emphasis on customer service and all sorts of seminars etc were in play. From my observation things have gotten worse.

      Customer service is a matter of common sense and caring about the customer.


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