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Online Business Fundraising: The Best Online Fundraising Sites For Businesses

Updated on September 22, 2012

Many of us have businesses which we would like to see become big, successful and at the very least profitable. However, in the young days of any business, funding is always a major factor when trying to grow, or trying to be independent when expenses associated to your business soar immensely.

In these kinds of situations many business owners begin to panic, and sell their company off as quickly as possible whilst they still can. Although, some more intelligent business owners will take a step back from the situation, and ask "What can I do to help this business grow?" and that is where it becomes clear that another source of funding is needed for you to prosper.

The next logical question of course is "Where can I look to get this funding?" and even though this can sometimes be quite a daunting thought, if you want to be a successful business owner you are going to have to discover as many sources of extra cash you can! So just where can you get funding for your business?

Prospering Businesses.

All credit for this image belongs to Breff via.
All credit for this image belongs to Breff via. | Source

Online fundraising Sites For Businesses!

There are some websites on the Internet, which specialise in providing a 'web space' for you to advertise your business and provide an area for people to openly give donations to you. Some sites may require that you pay a small fee to host your business campaign on their site, however it is evident that the best sites are those which do it for free. Especially, when you are trying to raise money and not spend it...

Yet whilst you do not have to pay a fee for some of these sites, they obviously aren't doing it for the sake of their health, and will want a very small percentage you make.

You might be wondering who would want to donate to a business, rather than a valuable charity, which could potentially save millions of lives every year. The answer to this is simply that your business needs to mean something of potential value to the people who are donating. For instance, you could offer people a special reward of some type to anyone who donates over a certain amount, or you could offer them savings on their next purchase with you. It's all about making your business as appealing as possible to people, so that they are more likely to give money to you than anyone else.

Another thing to consider when making your fundraising campaign is to provide enough information and details on your business so that you look authentic. Otherwise, people will assume that you are a scammer whose only interest is in taking their money, for a cause which doesn't actually exist. Therefore, the majority of the successful fundraisers online include as much detail on their business as possible, as well as a few pictures to prove its authenticity.

The Best Online Fundraising Sites To Choose From.

Now that you know what you should include in your fundraising 'campaign', you should now be looking into actually starting up on one of the many fundraising websites. From my research and friends experience, all of these have worked great and have been very valuable in the process of developing people's businesses.

  • Go Get Funding.
  • GoFundMe.
  • Kick-starter.
  • Razoo.
  • Fundly.
  • IndieGoGo.

Whilst all of these sites have been reported to work brilliantly and have definitely aided a lot of people who need funding for their businesses, my most preferred one out of all of these is Go Get Funding. Due to the fact it has one of the lowest fees per donation, and it has a great social interface for you to explore. Also, with the increasing amount of attention the website is getting, your fundraising campaign is much more likely to be seen on there, than any of the other sites.

For more information on each of these sites visit the links that I have provided to the right.

Some Great Tips on Online Fundraising.

Thanks to DoSomethingU for this excellent video on Online fundraising. I do not own the rights to this video, and all credit goes directly to the creator of the video. Please visit his YouTube channel via. DoSomethingU.


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