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Online Furniture Shopping Via Ecommerce Across The Globe

Updated on July 19, 2016

Shoppers have never had it better before with the advent of ecommerce shopping that has taken the world of commerce by storm globally. Whichever part of the world you may live in whether it is New York or New Delhi, Dubai or Tokyo, shoppers can shop in comfort from their own home from a variety of ecommerce websites both domestic and internationally. Ecommerce websites have also worked hard to improve the quality and variety of products sold online, which makes it the future of doing business in a globally connected world. One area of ecommerce that is picking up pace is the furniture sector, which has seen a steady rise over the past few years. In India the current top three dominant ecommerce players in terms of market share and sales are Amazon, Walmart, XLNC Furniture.

Go Through The Reviews:

One of the best ways to gauge the quality of any online product is to read product reviews for the item. In case there are none to be found at the dealer website use Google for the piece of furniture and look for any reviews of the item on other sites. And still if you do not come up with anything, go through reviews of any similar piece by the same brand. As a rule most companies make use of the same kind of materials in a variety of items. And if there still is nothing to be found it is better to skip buying the product, unless it is a very reputed brand!

Choice of Materials:

Needless to say one cannot judge the quality of a piece of furniture from looking at pictures on a website. While shopping online buyers do not have that benefit, although a number of the same items will be for sale at local stores, at a higher price. You could always drop in at store selling the furniture you want and check out the quality. In the event there is no identical item carefully go though the written description of the piece. Generally, the materials are mentioned in detail. You need to be is aware of the different types of wood, composite materials and wood veneers etc. Use the zoom option on the website to get a detailed view of the pattern and texture of the material used.


Another key area to look out for is the description of colour. We cannot depend on what we see at the website. The reason is that a picture tends to show colour differently, subject to the exposure and ambient lighting. You would be surprised to find many things look black in the picture, but in reality, are dark brown. The last things you would want is to have a brown chair with a black table!


Like colour, size is another aspect you cannot rely on by looking at a picture. Being able to estimate the actual scale from a picture is difficult. It is always prudent to measure the vacant place where you intend to place the piece of furniture and compare it with the precise dimensions of the given item at the website.

Assembly And Delivery:

While companies now use the latest specialised materials for packaging there is no guarantee that it will arrive intact. Also, generally the buyer needs to assemble the piece of furniture upon arrival. Check the product reviews to see if assembling the item is something which you will be able to do. If not, then it is better to seek the services of a furniture technician who is familiar with the task.

Cost Of Shipping And Return Policy:

A very important aspect to be considered is the overall cost of shipping and the return policy or money back guarantee that generally accompanies these products. You need to read the fine print to ensure there are no hidden terms and conditions attached to the reimbursement of the item price, in the event that you are dissatisfied with the received piece of furniture. Another area to watch out for is if the return policy involves the customer paying for the shipping (if there is a decision to send it back). It can be very expensive so carefully read the return policy guidelines before you make a purchase online!


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      Lexie Wilson 

      2 years ago

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