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Updated on August 9, 2009

Being An Affliate Marketer!

Hello everyone!

What is an affiliate marketer? And what that has to do with online marketing?

In the real world, companies that want to succeed in the so competitive market environment and overcome their competitor must invest big sum of money in their marketing strategy.

In the virtual world or, the world wide web the situation is no different, companies that depend on their vitual customers must invest big and constantly in marketing. But, how can they do that consistent and efficiently and, yet, const effective?

Companies on the web understand that they must get traffic, traffic and traffic, just like in the real world, companies needs excellent location, location and location.

So, that when online marketing affiliate has become a phenomenon because they are able to provide just that to those companies that can afford to invest massively in the world wide web or in the real world.

An Affiliate Marketer is the middle-man between customers and organizations. An affiliate marketer exerce the function of a marketing agency in the real world. So, as an affiliate marketer, your goal is send leads or traffic to organizations and, therefore, you can get paid for it.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you can promote your customers' businesses through paid advertised or for free. I will provide more deail on how you can do that on the next article.


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