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Online Marketing De-Mystified! First Steps

Updated on January 27, 2009

The One Thing You MUST Have for Online Success

 A couple of decades ago, you had to be a real pioneer to leap into the jungle of online marketing. If you were hoping for a full career online – well, it was simply a gamble.  Not only did you need a variety of great products at your disposal, you simply had to be a real “geek” - you had to know code, html, many different computer languages, and you practically had to speak fluent “Jargon” to have any hope of success. Now, the technical part is prepackaged and ready for use at the touch of a few keys.

Anybody who has passed the age of 30 knows that working at a boring, dead-end job is a lackluster way to spend your life 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Anyone who is under the age of 30 can tell you, they don't intend to work that way.

Assuming you have the proper tools and a reasonable amount of determination and drive, there's no reason any more why you couldn't blaze your own trail online, working with something that you're really excited about - even in a recession, or a depression.

Like any other serious profession, an online profession requires preparation.  Dedication is also essential. Simply because working online is often done from home, from your favorite easy chair at Starbucks, or someplace else that's not a cubicle farm, it can't be done casually or sloppily if you expect success. Working from home with no time-clock and no boss breathing down your neck takes as much, or more, discipline and drive than going to a structured office environment does. When you’re at home, especially if you have little children, there are always temptations.  You walk away from the computer, “just to do a load of laundry,” then the doorbell rings, or the baby cries – and before you know it the day is gone and it’s too late to get back on track.

You don't have to be a html whiz to build as many websites as you like, because the Internet offers more technical tools now than ever before. However, many, many people will never make any money at all online - and others will earn more in a month than others do in a year. Why is that? What is the big secret that is the key to success online? Why do so many fail and a few succeed?

Passion. Yes, just Passion! But in this case, that doesn't simply mean that you want to be successful in your online endeavor. We'd all be millionaires tomorrow if that were all it took, wouldn't we? We're grownups here - we know there's no overnight get-rich-with-no-work scheme, and simple wishing won’t cut it. Success requires work, discipline, and perseverance.

What does Passion mean in this context?, Passion means a laser-tight focus. It means that you've done all the necessary preparation, and that you have researched or created great products or services. It means that you like them and believe in them because they fill a need, solve a problem, and deliver more real quality than they promised.. If you like the products, you will have am vested interest in them as well as in the size of your bank account. You'll probably hit a few setbacks while developing your Internet career, so your Passion for your products will help you get past those a lot more easily.

Don't be tempted by a "guru's" seeming Passion for his own products. Most of the gurus have years of experience in this game, and they could sell a ton of ice cubes to an Eskimo. So, until you are a card-carrying guru yourself, stick with products, companies or services that are really exciting you. A goal of yours should be to become such a skilled marketer that you could sell those same ice cubes to those same Eskimos a second time; but while you’re new to this arena, start with something that really gets your enthusiasm up.

There are lots of programs and lots of advice out there.  Some of it is good, some of it is less so. All have "nuggets" that will probably bring you something of value, if you have the budget to buy them. Many free instructional downloads are available to start you on your way too. A quick Google search will bring you more information than you can handle. Why not become an affiliate marketer of companies whose products and results you respect?  In this way you get paid a commission whenever you lead someone to the company’s main site and they buy something. Any way you do it, it's an exciting ride, and it can be very well worth the time, effort and Passion you put into it!



This is one of the results we want from working online!

If you want to be an online success, you'll need passion, great products - and what else?
If you want to be an online success, you'll need passion, great products - and what else?

Another Essential Ingredient for Success Online

You’ve found inspiration in an existing online business, product or company. You have done all your set-up – PayPal, Clickbank, GoDaddy, domain names, and everything else. You have launched your first campaign or two with passion and high hopes. Maybe you’ve even had a little taste of success!

Where do you go from here?

Let’s keep our feet on the ground here. Passion, commitment and determination are huge pieces of the puzzle, but what you started this effort for, after all, is tangible results. Sales. Money coming in, and hopefully a lot more coming in than what you’re spending for it. How can you gauge your results?

The second essential ingredient is accountability. It is critical to know what is working in your online business, and what is not working.


It has been said that 95% of what you do will have no effect; the remaining 5% will make you wealthy. Where do each of your efforts fit into that percentage – the 95% or the 5%? Once you know this, the efforts that are on the 95% side must be eliminated so you can develop the 5% group.

How do you know what’s working?

Provide a short form for your customers to complete. Ask them to five you the web address of the ad or other posting that brought them to you. You might also be getting some unofficial feedback in online responses to your postings; be sure you have any available feedback capabilities turned on so you can get these comments and other responses. There’s nothing like direct customer feedback to help you fine-tune your business!

Another idea: Start an affiliate program. Put an affiliates sign-up link on your main website. Affiliates run ads that bring potential customers to your site to buy your product. You pay the affiliate a commission in the form of a percentage of that sale. An affiliate program is a very inexpensive addition to your site. It brings “free traffic” for you, and sales from this benefit both you and the affiliate.

Pay close attention to your affiliates’ ad results. How do you do that? Each affiliate has their own code imbedded in their ads. Make it your business to know what ads each affiliate is running. Is one ad from one affiliate especially successful? Why not encourage all your affiliates to use the same ad or same type of ad? In this way, everybody wins – all the affiliates get more sales and everyone, including you, makes more money. It’s a win-win.

You need to read traffic reports and sales results for any new strategy you use in your business. Is there a spike in sales just after you began a new ad? This can be very telling. For example: Let’s imagine that, as a result of requests for more information from potential customers, you started writing an e-newsletter. Note if there were suddenly more sales just after the e-newsletter was first published and distributed. If there were, then the newsletter was a good idea, and you should consider making it a regular part of your marketing efforts. If there was no increase in sales, if the newsletter brought no appreciable increase in traffic or sales, it’s in the 95% group and should be discontinued.

To our greater success! Hoping 2009 is a “bullish” year for us all.


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