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The 3 Main types of Online Marketing

Updated on September 9, 2009

Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Help

There are 3 General Types of Online Marketing which we will look at here.

You are not limited in terms of how you would like to market your product or products, however, I would recommend that you choose one and try to master it in order to exhaust all the potential opportunities that each type of marketing has and then implement them into your marketing campaign.

The benefit of trying each as an individual concept will enable you to see which methods are working most effectively in your marketing campaign and to decide where your efforts should be focused.

The type of product you have chosen may determine which method would be of more value in its ability to send your prospective clients to your website. You may have different tactics for each product, but remember that the end result is the customer arriving at the place your product is available.

Remember that once you have isolated a winning formula it will become easier to implement each campaign collectively and let your business run on auto-pilot. This is our aim here. We want each product to maintain itself so that you can then duplicate the result with another product. You may learn something on your next product that will increase the potential of your first product. Go back and implement it.

We want to know that each business idea is only the cost of the hosting each month which should not cost more than $ 10.00. Sure the domain name may cost a few dollars, but it is owned by you now and can be sold later if not used.

Internet Marketing

I want you to keep foremost in your thoughts that the Internet Marketing type of marketing is invaluable because of the nature of the World Wide Web. The internet is a priceless form of marketing in that anybody can offer their products to a world market. Fortunately, the effort that is put into your marketing invariably will remain there until such time as you decide to delete it. What I mean here is that your product may be found by a customer on the internet in 5 years from now and if you have created your business to accept them as a client indefinitely, they will still be able to generate a profit margin for you.

This example is to show you what type of potential your business has and to enable you to decide about the level of effort you can put into it. You may decide to work flat out for 6 months and take a break if you are happy with your cash-flow statement, or even retire after 5 years of establishing your campaigns and let the business run itself.

This is the joy of having a virtual business in that it is accessible from anywhere, at any time of the day and it allows flexibility of time management.

Direct reponse Marketing

We will now look at Direct Response Marketing.

Once your have generated interest with your customer, they will need to be able to correspond with you or provide you with a means to contact them. This is a request for more information on your product. You may now include the option to purchase your product at the end of your information presentation of the product.

Most websites will have a page that allows a customer to opt in to a mailing list for future contact. This request from the customer will usually stem from a blog which we will be discussing or possibly a post on a bulletin board or other advert that you have used in your campaign. This will be the foundation of your business as you will need to be able to offer future products to these potential customers.

You may have a newsletter that you wish to send out to your mailing list with your latest products. Remember that it will become integral to establish an automated system eventually to take care of this scenario. As your business grows, you will need to surround yourself with the right systems to take care of your business when you cannot. These are potentially lost sales.

Direct Mail Marketing

Marketers seem to have forgotten the effectiveness of a well written postcard. Direct mail marketing could be the only method that you decide to use in your campaign if you need to market directly within your neighborhood.

Your product may be such that you have a well established network already and just need to direct these potential clients to your new website. Do you remember the days when you got back to your car at a shopping centre and it was covered in flyers. Do you find that you will more likely take a flyer from somebody at a traffic intersection if they are wearing a T-shirt with the logo of the product that they are promoting. By the time you arrive at the person who is handing out the flyer, you already know that it may be of interest to you and you gladly request more information by taking a flyer. This shows willingness to buy.

By capturing the market and directing them to your website, they are able to consider their purchase in comfort and obtain the important aspects of the product. Remember that marketing is really a teaser in essence and the first step in the sales process.

Most consumers rarely buy on first inspection unless they already know the product. Try not to sell within your marketing campaign. Traffic to your website is the key to its success.

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I hope these have been helpful in your quest to understand Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing more.


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