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Online Marketing Strategy - Discover Six Factors To Grow Your Business On The Internet

Updated on September 26, 2010

If you are a business owner and want to venture into online marketing for prospecting, exposure and online branding you might want to think about your online marketing strategy first.

Online marketing offers many advantages that cannot be found it traditional marketing. Businesses of all sizes are embracing these advantages during these tough economic times. Online marketing can be a gateway to attract more people to your website, increase customers for your business, and enhance branding.

Online marketing is very vast and growing rapidly. In order to take full advantage, you need to plan your actions first. If you blindly jump on the internet doing some random things to get your website out there, it might not be worth of your time and you might not be getting the results you want. Most of the niche markets are filled with experienced marketers and if you are a novice marketer and entered into internet marketing, you will be like a novice swimmer who jumped into shark infested waters. You will be eaten alive if you are not careful.

Internet marketing strategy to reach broader audience
Internet marketing strategy to reach broader audience

Here are six factors you need to consider as part of your online marketing strategy:

Identify your target audience: You find different types of people on the internet with different motives. You have to clearly identify your target audience. Otherwise you will be sending the right message to the wrong people.

Tell them what they get: Once you identify the right kind of people, tell them what in it for them. It is too tempting to talk about ourselves, our interests, our goals etc. But the visitor/prospect who visits your website is least bothered about you. The prospect always thinks about “what in it for me. How will it solve my problem? How does it make my life easier?”

Optimize your website or landing page: If you website is not appealing and not engaging the customer as soon as he lands on your website, the chances of the visitor sticking on your website are very slim. It is too easy for him to hit the back button and go to another website.

Use traffic generation methods: There are various methods of traffic generation. If you can afford paid traffic generation methods (like pay per click), you will have more visitors in shorter period of time. If your budget would not allow you to buy traffic, you can opt for free traffic (not really, you invest your time instead of money) generation methods like article marketing and video marketing.

Master one method first: When it come to online marketing, you don’t want to be the guys who knows little bit of everything, but master at nothing. Choose one method which you are comfortable at and master it very well. Move on to the next one only after you mastered the first method.

Follow through consistently: It is easy to follow up on an action plan for couple of days or week sincerely and later, throw it on the way side. Doesn’t matter what kind of hurdles comes across, you need to work on the allotted schedule. I know it easier said than done. But consistency is the key. Once you decide that you are going to spend three hours a day on a particular method of lead generation stick to that schedule.

I invite you to learn about a proven system that uses cutting edge online marketing strategy to build successful online businesses.


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