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Online Marketing Webpage Copywriting: How To Get Clients As A Freelancer

Updated on November 20, 2012

Being a freelance writer is all about networking for possible work. Having a website where you showcase past work, resume credentials, educational progress, and freelance specializations will allow you to have a steady stream of client. A personal blog or website allows you complete control to showcase whatever type of information that you want. However, there are a number of websites that allows you to create an online marketing web page for your copywriting business. Most of these websites have a “social” element - allowing you to directly interact with other writers, as well as potential clients.

Online Marketing on For Freelance Writers

Contently is a New York-based company that focuses on connecting bloggers and writers with clients. The site is aimed at providing a professional platform for the purpose of online marketing web page copywriting. Here is how it works: A brand or a publishing company will search for viable writers on the Contently website. Then they are able to directly contact the writer, and share any relevant information like due dates and payments – all on Contently's interface.

Getting into Contently is tough, though – only about 8 percent of applicants are accepted into the Contently network. Those with a background in journalism are especially encouraged to apply. Perspective applicants will require quality clips, prominent past clients, and and expertise on relevant topics.

Online Marketing Web Page Copywriting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular social media site for professionals stemming from a large array of industries. It is mainly used for professional networking, which goes hand in hand with the concept of online marketing web pages for your copywriting or freelance business. LinkedIn is already an established website with a steady stream of employers and clients crawling the site at any given time. LinkedIn has a strong social media influence, with your own LinkedIn webpage being able to be connected with your word press blog.

Wordpress Blog For Online Marketing Webpage Copywriting Business

Advertising on wordpress requires an initial investment of time, money, and resilience to gain quality traffic. However, your own personal websites allow you gain complete control of the look of your site, as well as the information that you choose to show. There are a number of wordpress themes that are recommended to improve the visibility of your site to potential employers. Clean, crisp web pages with dedicated pages are best when promoting or networking your skills as a freelance writer.


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