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Online Residual Income Business Ideas for Freelancers

Updated on February 15, 2012

Residual income is the process in which you put forth effort to create, drive, or sell something and it is able to run on auto pilot. Seems like a dream right? For many people that’s all it ever will be. But, for those of us that want it bad enough then there is no place to go but up. Everything starts small in dollars and cents and it may take a while to build it up to a income level where you can quit your full time job, but if there was no challenge in it how much fun would that be?

There are many ideas for residual income opportunities. Doing an ordinary Google search you can locate thousands of different ideas and suggestions to help you get your project up and running. But, also use a little common sense if they try to sell you information about a topic or idea it might be a scam so always research projects and ideas that people are trying to sell to you. Here, are some fascinating, and effective ideas to get you started free with generating your own residual income.

Build Up Different Websites or Niche Blogs

The most effective way to generate the most amount of income is through the use of websites. Having a website up and running is a terrific way for you to generate a small residual income. Using a number of keyword tools you can research specific keywords to find exactly what you are searching for. A website should be updated once a month at the very least keeping fresh content coming in will allow you to keep fresh visitors coming in.

There are many free blogging and website creations that will allow you to setup a free account and publish material. If, it is setup based on a couple of specific keywords it can generate a lot of traffic in those areas. You can then place ads or affiliate marketing links on the websites to allow a consistent flow of income for the website.

Join Revenue Sharing Websites and Write Content for Them

One of the great ideas in the last ten years is the creation of revenue sharing sites. Many people hate the idea of having many different types of websites and keeping up with them. Most just want to write, create content or be creative. Revenue sharing sites are an excellent way to accomplish this because you share in the cost of advertising splits.

The revenue from these articles will continue to come in a month after month as long as those articles remain live and are easy to access. The more money you want to make the more and higher quality articles you need to write. Again these can also be used for niche keywords you are writing about, and they can even attach links back to your main website. So you get the chance to make money from the revenue share and on your on site. Great ways to get articles do double the work for you.

Develop an EBook

The main thing right now is eBooks. You might already have one ready to go you just need to put it together and in a good format. All those articles you write can be transformed into an eBook with all the information right there. You can then sell the eBook for a price that will continue to earn money long after you have completed it.

Creating an EBook is an invaluable residual income business idea. The complete project becomes the sole responsibility of the writer who will get the copy rights of the EBook and earn cent percent profit made on the sales. Unlike revenue, sharing sites, this passive business opportunity can help the writer to earn the full profit. It is because a major part of profit is retained by the revenue sharing site itself.

No matter how you choose to go about getting the perfect residual incomes never give up, and keep working. Every article written, website built, every time you drive one person to an affiliate link there is money to be made. It will not be over night, but as you continue to improve and learn new ways to generate income it will pay off.


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