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Online Seller toolkit

Updated on July 14, 2010


If your an online seller, then you already know all the potential rewards you can achieve.

If your an online seller you will com across some problems that will cause you late night headaches. I have added a list of ideas here, and how to be prepared for these headaches.

Removing Negative Feedback

If a buyer has left you a negative feedback, an you want to get it removed, then follow these steps. Your buyer will remove the negative feedback, this has worked for me many times.

Find out exactly what has happened to the buyer.

Send the buyer an email, and acknowledge that there has been a mistake made with their order. Apologize for this, and make sure you tell them that this mistake, has been accidentally caused by you directly.

Let them know that there is lots of positive feedback left, and this is really what you are about.

Ask them for the help in getting things resolved as you don't want them to feel unhappy about how much you let them down. Tell your customer exactly that, and be sincere about it.

After you reply has come from the customer, they will already start to see that customer service is important.

Give them a freebie, or a little refund discount to even things up for your customer.

As you propose this to your customer, ask them polity to remove the negative as long as they are happy that you have resolved things with them fairly.

Your customer will feel satisfied that you have made a special effort just for them, and remove the negative.

Credit Cards at the Ready

If you an online seller with any amount of experience, you will probably find our that occasionally you will lose your online account for whatever reason. I'm not talking about the scammers, i mean the genuine sellers who make a living from selling online.

Always have a set of blank prepaid visa cards at the ready as these are you weapons for new registrations on any online market place. 

Bank accounts at the ready

Same idea as the credit card. If you suddenly find yourself having to uproot your online real estate, then with a new credit card, and a new bank account you can easily get things up and running.

Your own Website

Setup and run as your main business a website.

You can sell on amazon, ebay or other online marketplaces. Make sure that your customers you recieve those these marketplaces are referred BACK to your website for future purchases.

Think of amazon and ebay, as your MARKETING channels. This way if you have problems with the seller accounts, then its your marketing which is affected and not your business directly.

Do this with a discount voucher of anything up to the cost that you have to pay for seller fees.

It will still be cheaper to have your customers buy through your site, and this way you can happily deal with these customers without having a negative feedback barrel held over your head.


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