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Online Sports Betting, An Addiction Or A Hobby?

Updated on March 3, 2016

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So who never bought a lottery ticket raises his hand. Who hasn't? Well everybody has at least once in his lifetime tried to push his luck into winning more than he spent on the ticket. Personally I even used to gamble on online sports and that is why I decided to write this article.

Online bookies make it easy for you to play from home thus without taking into account the risks one have paved way to, enjoys depositing money and placing bets without noticing the total amount of money one has lost/won. One can play on soccer, tennis, live horse races and even greyhounds so one has alot he can place bets on.

Top online bookies are Bet365, Bwin and WilliamHill. These also offer first time deposit bonuses so that their users become more encouraged to deposit and play. Well before depositing money one must take all these factors into account.

  1. It may become your addiction, as much as you may love it you can begin to hate it.
  2. It can destroy relationships, gambling may lead to lending of money and getting broke.
  3. As it becomes an obsession and when you lose you play again to win your losses back you may loose all your possessions. People even play their houses.
  4. This may lead to robberies in the long run followed by jail time if you get caught.
  5. People loose their jobs and their families.

I know that some of my points were to a certain level of extreme but these are things that happen and I read articles where people express their feelings about gambling. As much as winning can change your life, even losing everything can. If one feels upset when he loses money and feels the urge to play again I suggest talking to a professional so he can help you overcome this addiction.


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