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Online Surveys Can You Make Money?

Updated on April 12, 2010

For many people they think that you are going to be able to sit at home and make money taking surveys and not have to worry about a full-time job. However, they quickly discover after leaving their job that they are going to have to find a full-time job because the survey opportunities while present are not like so many sites claim that will allow you to make fifty buck an hour or whatever they say that you can make. However, this doesn't mean that you won't be able to make money taking online surveys. Here are some reasons why you can make money taking online surveys.

For many business they have to have some form of reasearch that can teach them what the public is wanting. However, many of these businesses are looking for a specific type of person that you might or might not meet what they are looking for. Still though they do need people and often if you qualify for the surveys that they need you can expect to get paid quite a bit of money.

The second reason you will make money is that for an online survey you do not want to pay any money out of pocket. I know some of these online survey websites want you to pay money for the survey. If you do pay money for the survey make sure that the amount that you are going to get back is going to be enough to cover your cost. For instance I did a survey for a national video chain store about their online sign up process and had to pay for the service, but was immediately paid ten dollars more than what it cost me to sign up so I easily made my money back.

The third reason that you can make money with online surveys is because so many companies need feedback on their products. Since they need this feedback they are generallly willing to pay someone to provide that information for them. That person could eaisly be you except instead of paying for the product without getting any money back you can purchase the product and if it has a survey present be able to do the survey and make money by doing it.

Online survey sites can let you enjoy making money online, but you will want to be wary of some of these websites as they can easily turn into scam websites. So before you sign up for any of the online survey companies you are going to want to make sure that you research each company closely and will definitely want to research the company if you have to pay for any product prior to completing a survey for them

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      John @ Online Surveys that Pay 6 years ago

      You can work from home, but it takes hard work and determination

      to get started.