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Online Transcription Jobs

Updated on January 6, 2018

Many people have the dream of working completely from home, not having to commute to work every day or endure the hassles of office politics. Yet many people also have great difficulty in finding a legitimate online job that is not a marketing pyramid scam.

There are legitimate online jobs to be found if you know where to look. Work from home transcription is one of the easiest jobs to find real work online and a good way to begin your work from home career.

If you type 'at home transcription' into Google you will get a variety of links that presume to be work at home jobs. But once you spend your valuable time clicking on each link, you will find that 90% of them are just websites that want you to join their newsletter! Frustrating.

I have saved you the time and compiled a list of work from home transciption companies. Below is a list of several real companies that may or may not be hiring transcriptionists at this time.

Work At Home Transcription Companies

AccuTranGlobal - This is my featured pick! Having personally worked for this company for many years, I highly recommend them. Friendly coworkers and management. Paid once a month by direct deposit. If you are just starting out, this may be the place to get your break.

BabbleType - Another good company to start your online transcription career. A bit tougher formatting requirements but consistent and professional.

TranscribeMe! - Must pass a test to be accepted and there is often a waiting list to start working, but it's well worth the wait. Lower pay rates than the above two companies but seems to have a good amount of work available. Can work 24 hours a day. Paid by PayPal every week.

Rev - A superior transcriber interface makes this company stand out! If you're just getting started, take their test and jump right in. Great worker support. Paid by PayPal every Monday.

Here are some other online transcription companies to check out!

Advice From an Experienced Transcriptionist

Remember that being an at-home worker doesn't mean that you can sleep in every day and not meet your deadlines. At-home work requires self-discipline and hard work. You'll be working for yourself, so you'll have to be good at scheduling your time, managing your money, and handling your own taxes. Your work at home career may not start out making you a lot of money, but don't get discouraged. I worked part-time from home and part-time out of the home until I built up a good enough reputation and skill set to become a full-time online transcriptionist.

Working from home as a transcriptionist is a rewarding and interesting career. Don't wait to start looking for your new job!


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    • sarahspradlin profile image

      Sarah Spradlin 2 months ago from Little Rock, Arkansas

      How much can you make doing it?

    • profile image

      Online Transcription 7 years ago

      The article is good about Online Transcription Jobs which is helpful.I like the article very much as it is very informative and hope to see more of such articles.