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Viral Video Marketing Tricks

Updated on June 22, 2012

How Many Views Does A Video Has To Have To Consider It Viral?

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One of the coolest thing and less cost effective way to market your products and
services online is making a video that will go viral. You don't have to spend a lot
money on print ads, and TV commercials, just a simple video that will let people
want to see it, and when they do, they want to share it. It is a very powerful way
to gain and promote your niche. Listed are some of the important tricks for viral
video marketing.

1. Make your audience feel something create a very resilient emotion. Have
an opinion expressing an idea with dedication and commitment. Let your
audience feel different kinds of emotion from love, hate, and anger, be
someone a bastard or a saint. Let your audience feel the excitement
running through their veins. Viral marketing is all about emotions.

2. If you want people to notice your video do something that is not expected.
Something different or unexpected that will interest them. Don't focus so
much on the promotion of your product instead just be the magnet, do the
unexpected or else your video will just bore your audience and would
ruin the essence of your product within your video.

3. Viral marketing is all about a good story. Create something realistic or
impact that will let people remember your product on the story and not
merely the advertisement alone. Make a video that has an interesting
story by incorporating only the essence of your product on it.

4. Now, people already seen your video, it was great you've got their
attention, they think everything on your video is great and captivating,
you've touched their strongest emotions and it was unexpected. Now, give
them another video, a sequel of the first video you made. This will let
people want to see more. Humor them again and catch another full

5. Allow people to use your video, allow them to download the whole
content, in a usable manner. Make it easy for them to embed it on their
own site. Send it to your friends. Permit people to add it on bookmarking
sites. After all, viral video marketing is all about sharing, making it easier
to improve your campaign.

6. You already got your audience full attention, of course in the process they
want to talk. Here it is important to connect to them and the most
effective way is through comments. As what I have mentioned on the first
part of this article, viral marketing is creating a resilient emotion (strong
emotion) meaning one may like it and the others may get mad. You must
be very flexible and open minded to accept this different emotions. But of
course never be bias and prevent individuals to wage war against each

7. In order for your campaign to spread and become viral it needs to be free.
Never restrict access, do not require your audience to register and
become a member, or to enter any codes to be able to watch the whole
video. Viral video marketing is getting everything out there for everybody
to see.

Creating a video requires a lot of effort, creativity and time but all is worth if you
have what it takes to make one. These tricks will help you along the way in
making a video and make your video marketing viral.

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Video Marketing Tips on YouTube

It cannot be denied that YouTube soars when it comes to video sharing site, with
the largest audience, making it the most perfect place to publish and market your
products and services through video. Youtube is optimized for 18 different
languages and the 4th most trafficked site in the United States.

If your are soaring high on Youtubes home page then your video will be given the
most amount of exposure. However, to be on the top, it requires you to exert a lot
of effort on your part. You need to make a video that will give you the most
views, likes and comments that will put you on hotlist. To be able to do that you

Keep your video fresh. If your video is old, it will be difficult to maintain your
videos movement within the search algorithm of Youtube. You must have that
factor that will keep your video fresh at all times.

Keep it real! Before submitting your video online take into consideration the
importance of having many friends on this profile, subscribers and channel
views. For the vitality of your video, it is but wise not to submit it without having
an account with no subscription or friends, Youtube headquarters will consider
you as a spam. Keep everything real and natural.

Youtube has given honors to videos that gained number of votes, comments,
favorites, ratings and views. It is essential for a marketer to at least focus on
either one. Here are some tips that will help you promote your niche on Youtube.
The site had created tools for you to start.

1. On the videos that you created there is a share option along with it. You can
share your video by emailing people you know or with friends attached to your
profile. You can also include social media sites when sharing it.

2. By posting a message on your bulletin board this video will be shown to all of
your friends on your profile.

3. Try to invite people to subscribe your video, this feature is also available on
Youtube make use of this tool.

4. Another influential strategy that will hype your exposure on Youtube is
inviting your friends. Look up for emails addresses of which you know and invite
them to view your video.
5. Make a video that is appealing to the community, a video that will become

6. Of course one of our goals here is making a video that will go viral when it
comes to marketing campaign. A good way to start this is by sharing your video
using emails. Send out your videos and encourage your families and friends to hit
your video link on your email.

7. Advertise your video on social media sites like Facebook and MySpace; put a
tag on it that will catch their attention and will hit your link. This is a good way
also to drive traffic to your video.

With all this on hand, you will be amazed of the result you will have on your
video on Youtube. Follow these tips and you're on your way to Youtubes


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