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Online Wealth Creations

Updated on December 31, 2012

Internet trillions

Trillions of dollars are earned on the internet daily. It is not surprising many countries in the world fight unemployment by granting internet wealth opportunities to their unemployed and underemployed citizens.

It is worrisome that many countries in the third world are not using the opportunities offered by internet to cut the rising unemployment level. As it is many governments in carrying out policies inimical to internet wealth creation at a time advanced countries are expanding internet access for their citizens.

Internet Providing Global Workforce

Since the last decade, the internet is increasingly becoming relevant as major source of income and self-employment opportunities for many people. It is offering global opportunities for all forms of businesses. Many governments in Africa are not benefiting from these unique opportunities owing to several factors. Until they address these factors, they would continue to lag behind in the world economy.

Untapped Internet Wealth Opportunities in Africa

The attitude of African governments could be blamed on lack of knowledge of the various benefits of internet as global means of wealth creation. Many governments still do not appreciate the real value of the opportunities available for their citizens through the internet. It is for this reason that some of them are embarking on harsh policies that prevent their own people from joining the flourishing internet opportunities. Some of the countries believe in the unfounded idea that internet users are fraudulent citizens.

In such countries potential webmasters who could not offer themselves with job opportunities which their countries could not create for them. Even those who manage to find their ways into internet opportunities are frustrated by hostile environment. To become effective in online businesses one needs to have steady internet connections. The costs of internet access in many of the countries are beyond the reach of the ordinary citizens. It is an exclusive access of the influential and powerful.

Online presence requires constant power supply. One major challenge in some of these countries is epileptic power supply. Not many people could afford the cost of private power generators. The environment is simply hostile in many developing countries. The governments are failing the citizens in this regard.

These challenges are not helped by unscrupulous activities of few people who join fraudulent foreigners to damage the good name of their countries through questionable businesses. This is not enough reasons many of these governments could not help their citizens access trillions of dollars exchanged legitimately on the internet daily. After all, it could be argued the worst collateral damage is done to the country by corrupt and unethical behaviors of political class in these countries.

Leaders should know that online crime is a global thing. The best way to fight it is joining the global efforts and not by restricting the citizens' access to the internet wealth mine. In other words, countries could empower their citizens and reduce unemployment by providing the enabling environment for participation in legitimate online activities.


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