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Goal Setting As A Path To Online Business Success | My 60DC Log

Updated on May 26, 2011

Motivations towards online Business Success

"Focus on being productive instead of busy". - Tim Ferriss

"It isn’t enough to think outside the box. Thinking is passive. Get used to acting outside the box." Tim Ferriss

"I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose in life, therefore, I demand of myself persistent, continuous action toward its attainment, and I here and now promise to render such action." - Napoleon Hill

"Do not wait; the time will never be "just right." Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along." - Napoleon Hill

Cartwheels for online business success
Cartwheels for online business success

My Goals in the 60 Day Challenge at Hubpages

My entire motivations for participating in this challenge could be captured in one word.


To be most accurate, More Money.

But thats a bit mundane, so I will extrapolate. Im not usually much of a fan of money for money's sake, I work online and as a freelancer and small business owner, not for riches or recognition, but rather for the freedom such a lifestyle affords me towards my real pleasure - living free of most external restraints on my time and location.

In the past this had allowed me to be satisfied with a more modest income, Freedom is priceless.

My measure of online business success meant the business was in the green, my bills were paid and I was free to travel at the drop of a hat because the majority of my business dealings could be performed from anywhere.

But I have collected a large group of life forms that depend on my income and the goal of money for moneys sake has become more important.

The things that make my fingers move and my mind race
The things that make my fingers move and my mind race

As I come to my office each day during this challenge and make my mark in my hublog. These photos ( Four of which, take turns demanding my time and luring me from my office throughout the workday) will remind me why I cant just settle for moderate online business success.

I have to strive for more then just a secure current bubble of income that can pop at any moment. It is very possible in this relatively new and untapped corner of internet income generation to make your fortune.

I will be one of the many who dont just survive .................I will Thrive

Why Do a 60 Day Challenge?

Participating in a 60 Day Challenge will hold me to a level of accountability so I can be certain to complete a complete campaign in my chosen categories.

Aug/Sep 60 day Challenge Topic Focus

My direct and attainable goal during this challenge is to increase my monthly eBay partner Network earnings by $700/monthly any residual adsense, amazon or traffic increases I achieve will be accepted with welcome arms but will be secondary accidents.

My categories for the writing in this challenge will fall into these fields..

10 hubs will be reserved for flushing out any missing topics in the 60 day Challenge Curriculum

Planned topics include:

Broad category: Internet Marketing

  • Search psychology
  • Advanced Tool Reviews
  • Evaluating Layouts and Heatmaps to increase conversion
  • the rest will be reactive to the demands of the challenge

The additional 20 hubs will be spread across these fields:

Broad category: 3d Technology / The Future of 3D

  • 3D Gaming
  • 3D Electronics
  • 3D Hardware
  • 3D Film

Broad category: Buy_________ on eBay

  • Auto
  • Apparel
  • Aardvarks

While the ideas are fresh in my mind, directly after writing each hub, I will do some basic manual Twitter hashtag broadcasting, basic adsesne rev bookmarking and create a small post in a blogger or wordpress blog that I create specifically for each.

I will attempt to keep a running tally of those actions here:

Spreadsheet will be created offline and uploaded daily

To be continued...

Further actions toward the groups online business success

I am attempting to create some resources that can be used to easily organize the groups efforts and create an easy categorization and backlink system for our promotional efforts.

In preparation for this second challenge I have created:

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. - Napoleon Hill

Pre Challenge activities:

The dignity of the artist lies in his duty of keeping awake the sense of wonder in the world. In this long vigil he often has to vary his methods of stimulation; but in this long vigil he is also himself striving against a continual tendency to sleep.

Work isn't to make money; you work to justify life.

-Marc Chagall

Day -2 - I wanted to create something that could be used offsite to possibly bring some attention to our challenge process and perhaps some natural traffic and backlinks from other writing communities.

I didnt come up with the name ..60 Day Challenge: The Return - but when I first heard it I could only think of the recent Superman movie...mostly as a result of a popular forum thread here at HP, so while battling a bit of a writers block, I popped this together.

Day -1 - Preparing for your Campaign and 60dc FAQ's

Created a hub intended to show an example workflow leading up to any online campaign but focused on the 60DC experience. Will create FAQ on demand as common questions become apparent.

reason for online business success
reason for online business success

Day 1 - The Launch

After WaveGirl22 created the 60dc-2 Team Hub signifying the conclusion and cementing of our team we began the first phase of our challenge.

A week of staying up until 3-4am in order to work with some inkling of peace (the dogs still demand attention) and rising at 8am in order to watch Ayla is starting to take its toll on my processing speeds.

So todays output has been limited to reading logs and forum posts and trying to respond and answer general questions in the 60DC FAQ's -

I ended up finally falling asleep after whipping up and eating fresh blueberry pancakes with blueberry sauce. We went blueberry picking last weekend.

Thus ends the day

Day 2 - Forum Opens

Starting the day with the most sleep I have got in weeks I figured I would be a storm of productivity today. But instead as i bed down for the night at 3am after watching adsense close for the day, I am only able to account for one published hub of around 600 words, but it is meticulously researched and should make a good resource if found by the target audience. My little girl has grown her lungs and has me wrapped around her finger. The swing is my only saving grace at this point!

What I did get done:

  • Closed the Challenge to New Members!
  • Cleaned up and reorganized the 60DC Forum - started accepting new registrations to the forum ( Go to the forum, if you have not yet! ..for early and important steps)
  • Was baited by a troll , but now have several thousand words of content and the thoughts that created them to recreate into a Practical SEO vs Skewed Ideals hub or article, was mildly entertained, but feel ashamed for wasting so much time at it.
  • Watched the new challenge hubs get published and took notice of weak tagging techniques, added a helpful hub about how and why to tag at HP to the 60DC forums. The techniques may be weak in some cases, but the quality level is outstanding across the board! We have a winning team this time around.
  • Wrote and published a hub on Avatar Movie Masks
  • Will create a section in this hublog to categorize and summarize the hub tomorrow.

Day 3 - Morning Revelations

It seems a good quantity of the challengers are not actually pursuing any of the challenge activities. I wonder if having all of the 60Dc accessible has caused an information overload.

Woke up too early, was unfocused and irritable. Clumsy with keyboard and found myself fixing more then I was creating.

Began reading every challenger hub to get a feel for a team and see how communication was flowing.

In the spirit of my goals, I took a break to spend time with the family human, canine and lagomorph, we took our first family photos including some fun ones.

Spent considerable time going through the prelim info at various forums, emails and chats. Didn't mange to write a hub until 4am , cant trust that is publishable at this point, so will look at it with mildly fresh eyes in the morning,

..exhausted, will sleep now, tomorrow promises 3 new hubs as I have been drafting them in my head for days.

Day 4 - Success

The team aspect of the challenge is pulling together well, Only have a few members still "off the reservation,"  but through email was able to discuss and solve some issues in communication. Im imagining that life is busy and the weekend wil open up some opportunity for memebers to make it around the tutorials, logs and forums and get a handle on things.

I did note that the general Hub population could use some basics on:

  • Anchor text /Anchor links
  • Where and when to use links
  • Use of Link Karma tool
  • Analytics/Adsense integration on Hubpages

So, I will add my small contribution towards that knowledge at the site and share this observation with those who write for the Learning Center here at Hubpages.

My Hub topic for today just couldnt get rolling out of my head, had my keywords selected, competition analyzed and other such preliminary activities, but just couldnt grow any inspiration as the topic although interesting to me, is a bit dry.

So in an effort to get something done I tried a creative take on my Avatar series with:

Unidentified Man in Avatar Mask Robs Bank

My Journalism professor would not be proud but perhaps in a few days i can look at it with fresh eyes and spice it up. (dull it up)

I do my promotion and organization in batches, so its still a few days away from updating my spreadsheet and creating custom summaries for this log.

Hopefully, will be off the grid for the weekend, but can access and answer important mail with my cell phone/netbook combo.

A conversation I had today reminded me of a book that I found inspiring in the past. So I will include it here to bring some color to todays entry. The link has one of those cool 'read it now" features, so flip through it if you like!

Online Business Success? Days 5 and 6 -The First Weekend

I was reminded what a great success I am when I was forced to pull weeds for my Fiances Father this weekend who is having a large party and has a hurt back. Grumpy and busy as I was about the suggestion by my fiance, it was nice to be out in the sun and away from the office. Met a nice toad, actually. Went out to eat Saturday and Sunday, looks like I got lucky and Ayla is very well behaved in restaurants, so far.

Found out that Friday was one of my highest earning days of the year, although the sales were probably unrelated to this challenge.

Published a hub on iPad Bags and will finish and publish a hub on ipad chargers in the morning.

So 4 hubs down in 6 days, will have to play some catch up but satisfied with quality and quantity at the moment.

The 60DC2 hub members have been absolutely plastered over the featured hubs and first page of this weekend!

First week over on the path to Online Business Success

Day 7 - Week 1 complete

One of the definite upsides to this group challenge is the informal brainstorming and support sessions that exist between the group members. Today, I was reminded and in turn inspired by a quote:

"No matter how much time you’ve wasted in the past, you still have an entire today."

Today, I published iPad chargers: Replacement chargers, OEM chargers, Wall and Car Chargers for iPad

I also began very basic promotion of my Masked Man in Avatar Costume Robs Bank from day 4, Im going to use social promotion on this hub, I normally do not, but I want to see if I can get some buzz going with the title as the movie gets a re-release, purely experimental, i don't expect it to be an earner, but perhaps it can funnel traffic to some of the more sales orientated Avatar hubs.

7 hubs in 4 days is not good enough! I dont wan to have to play catch up at the end, so I will focus hard on completing  a full 3 hubs tomorrow before I do a single thing online.

Days 8 -10 Getting Paid with Baby Smiles

Even though I started this log pointing out a quest for more money, I now find that I will gladly exchange money for more baby smiles.

Day 8

I have been experimenting and researching mobile marketing over the last few months and was a bit annoyed to see that a recent product has brought the opportunity to the forefront of the industry, so I picked up a copy in order to get a feel for how much of the beans have been spilled.

I kept the course and wrote my take on the opportunity

Is Mobile Marketing  the Future of Online Marketing : Mobile Monopoly

Day 9/10

Pretty much one big haze. wore my contacts for 20 days too long couldnt look at the computer screen anymore , seemed sick for one day, but tons of vitamin c and  green tea and I woke up the next day with no traces of being sick, odd.

Finally started and published my Kinect Hub which has been planned since the announcement at E3 this year. There were no available products or reviews so I had to wait if I wanted to make a viable commercial hub.

Top Ten Kinect Games of 2010

Nailed down a niche I want to pursue, some deviation from my original plan has occurred but that doesnt bother me. Have been enjoying the research into these topics and will be publishing the group all at once.

Spent the weekend at a Garden party, casually created an published another hub on iPad eBooks to complete my group on iPad related items.

30 Days Completed

30 Hubs in 30 Days Completed

Finding a balance between, writing, researching, communicating with the team and trying to cultivate my little super genius is more taxing than imagined but so far has proven achievable.

Some early boosts in traffic and earnings are also keeping me very motivated.

The Last 30 days

Throughout the second phase of the Challenge I have used my keyword search history to develop another 30 hubs. One of the hubs actually pulled in 2000 views in a single day from only search history , weird thing is, it was from Bing!

Additionally, I have pushed the links through 3 adsense rev bookmark sites and added blurbs and related links at my blogs and websites that are related.

For the second phase, enthusiasm seems to have dwindled among the challenge team but a great majority did complete 30 in 30 which was the original primary motivation of the challenge.

Day 57

As the challenge comes to an end, Im pretty happy with the groups success. Im also happy to have made friendships and promising lasting business relationships with many who are interested or are pursuing real online income.

A contest was created to award those who made the biggest traffic increases in 60 days with a free wordpress hosting account. A fun contest post will be created on the 60DC blog.

iPad Accessories - Electronics - Apple

Best Ipad bag choices

iPad bags are a necessity if one wants to take advantage of the portability promised by this high end gadget.

The iPad falls into an uncomfortable size category, its to large to slip into ones pocket, yet to small to realistically use the traditional laptop bag that you may already own.

Portability is the main draw of an iPad for me, the iPad offers many of the basic functions of my netbook at about half the size and twice the battery life.

There is no shortage of iPad inspired bags on the market but many are just repurposed bags for netbooks and smaller laptops. The following is my search for the smallest iPad bag with the most utility.

A personal consideration for me, in my search for the perfect iPad bag, was to avoid the satchel or man purse style , it may have worked for Indiana Jones and the Wolf pack man from Hangover but it doesnt fit my needs or style.


Get an iPad replacement charger without paying a fortune

A selection of iPad chargers, at a reasonable price range for your car, wall, computer or back up needs. iPad chargers for every need are available here

Manufacturers have come up with a great trick for screwing consumers in the modern age. Rather than attempt to use a standard input such as usb or mini-usb as the charging and data connection they create proprietary inputs just so they can hit you in the pocket when you attempt to get a replacement.

Common price ranges for replacement chargers for iPads, netbooks laptops and digital cameras can reach the $70 USD range if you search manufacturer websites or retail locations. This is ridiculous, these basic supplies are pumped out of Asian factories for pennies. Do yourself a favor, buy yourself some back up and replacement chargers and do it at a proper price


Best Kinect Games of 2010

The best Kinect games of 2010 can all be found here with related videos of actual game play, reviews and price comparisons of major online retailers.

The new motion activated controller system for the Xbox 360 titled Kinect (formerly Project Natal) promises to bring the active , family and group centered game play of the Wii to a whole new level. Combined with the superior game play and network interactivity of the Xbox 360 the Kinect system and related games is sure to be the big hit in the gaming industry this year and for many to come.

The Kinect motion console is set to be released in November 2010 , the console adds the features of full body tracking and voice recognition to any existing Xbox 360 system. It will be released with the Kinect Adventures game which is intended to showcase the functionality of the Kinect system.


Is the iPad functional as an eReader ?

Its pretty clear that the functionality exists to actually display eBooks on your iPad, But what of the physical action, is it comfortable and user friendly to read an eBook on an Apple iPad?

In short, no, not right out of the box. A few accessories are required.

Pros of iPad as an eReader

The e-ink feature of the other major eReader devices is touted as being perfect for the eyes, an amazing replication of actual paper book reading and great on power consumption.

The iPad compares favorably as an eReader against these factors. The 10 hour battery life on the iPad is sufficient for most users needs, so battery consumption is of little import.


Fashion Friendly iPad Purses for women

iPad Purses for women: The popular iPad bag selection is often pretty geeky and non-fashion friendly, we figured we could help out the fashion conscious and tech savvy women shoppers of the world by showcasing the top iPad Purses available this year.

Our selection covers three areas of iPad purses and iPad bags for women.

  • Traditional High Fashion Purses with enough space and padding to hold your iPad
  • iPad Bags specifically catering to Women with best reviews
  • iPad purses and cases in Designer styles that could serve a dual use as a purse

I have been sent to scrounge for keys and various other items inside of purses before, hours later, crying, I can only wonder how anything is ever found in these things. An iPad is an expensive and relatively sensitive item, it doesnt belong in a purse to be knocked around haphazardly, but one doesnt want to have to carry two bags either!


iPad Gifts for the discerning Geek

As Christmas nears and you have to pick out gifts for your favorite geek and geekette, surely its iPad gifts that will most fill their pale little eyes with momentary glee!

If you have an iPad addict in the family, you know about it, the iPad hasnt left their side in months and if you have to look at it, perhaps you can get a gift that will dress it up or make it last longer.

The only thing worse than an iPad addict, is an iPad addict without their iPad. iPad fiends have the annoying habit of being discerning gift receivers and in order to best buy the iPad or iPad gifts that will actually be appreciated you will need an inside edge.

As an iPad owner, iPad geek and someone who has been researching iPad accessories, peer reviews and playing first hand since before the actual launch date, I can provide you with the inside edge to iPad gift giving.


Selecting an iPad alternative

The iPad has finally brought the long promised tablet style of portable computing to popular use. Between the ease of use, portability and amazing battery life, its easy to see why the casual user would be excited.

But more advanced users have much to be disappointed in the iPad, lack of usb devices, proprietary media limitations and the general "closed" nature of apple products removes much of the customization and power options a savvy road warrior may desire.


Harry Potter Costumes / Halloween Costumes


Avatar Movie Masks this Halloween

Characters available for Avatar movie masks this year include Jake Sully, Neytiri and Avatar Na'Vi warrior masks

The James Cameron Movie Avatar is set to be re-released on August 27, 2010, including an extra 9 minutes of unreleased footage featuring love scenes and a new Pandora creature,Sturmbeast, which was previously only seen in Avatar Games.

This timing should heavily influence Halloween Costumes this year. If your child isnt already screaming for an Avatar Party or an Avatar Costume, James Cameron's marketing geniuses should soon change that for you.

With the holiday fast approaching, we decided to focus on the masks available for all the major Avatar characters.


Avatar Costume used in Bank Robbery

Avatar Mask : Bank Robbery - Avatar Delusion Disorder

Brooklyn, New York - Avatar costume used in Bank robbery. Police report an unidentified and possibly delusional suspect has been apprehended. In the early morning hours of Wednesday, August 8th, Bandora Federal Bank on 827 Relese St was assaulted by a 12 foot tall Man masquerading as the popular character, Jake Sully, from the Movie Avatar. Witnesses state that the man appeared completely naked with his body completely covered in blue paint. A ragged loincloth was found outside the banks doors says Bank Representatives.

"He approached the counter very swiftly , shortly after we opened at 9am," said Bank Teller, Emily White, "he began shouting at me and gesturing, but I could not understand a word he was saying, it was gibberish."

Authorities speculate that the man was speaking the Na'Vi language from the Avatar Movie.

(read Full Avatar Costume story)


Harry Potter Scar - The difference between schoolboy and wizard

Creating the perfect Harry Potter scar makes the difference between dressing as an overgrown schoolboy or being the legendary boy wizard.

The Basic Harry Potter outfit is not hard to create or buy, its the attention to details that will make your Harry Potter costume stand out from the crowd and be immediately identifiable.These simple details come down to a solid and realistic scar, proper glasses and a great wizard wand.

The Harry Potter glasses and wands wont be overlooked by most who dress up as Harry Potter for parties, events and Halloween, but the scar may be mistakenly seen as less important.

Creating or purchasing a Harry Potter Scar is very easy and a very affordable requirement for the perfect Harry Potter outfit.


The Best Harry Potter Wand

When selecting and buying a Harry Potter wand to finish off the perfect costume, one shouldnt be cheap.

A Harry Potter costume is rather easy to create, a simple schoolboy outfit or robe, the appropriate hair, Harry Potter glasses and either a Harry Potter wand or Harry Potter Broomstick.

Something to keep in mind, whether your picking out an adult Harry Potter costume or helping to select the perfect Harry Potter outfit for your child , is the practicality of your props and what further use you may derive from them.

Props are great conversation starter if your a male out at a themed party and one may want to go big and select a full size broomstick to finish off your Harry Potter ensemble. On the other side, you may not want to carry around such a large prop, so the wand will be the perfect size and can even be stuck into the belt of your costume.

Either of these Harry Potter costume props will be great toys for any child who wants to dress as Harry for Halloween or themed birthday parties.


Harry Potter Ties for Costumes and Formal Wear

Harry Potter Ties are not just for Halloween wear but they are certainly necessary to complete the perfect Harry Potter costume.

Harry Potter Ties come in the 4 very distinctive colors of the four houses of Hogwarts. One can purchase Harry Potter ties that feature the colors and emblems of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw.

The distinctive coloring and emblems are actually quite elegant and are a fun way to obliquely display your Harry Potter fandom whenever you wear formalwear or a blazer.

Most Harry Potter costumes will require the proper Hogwarts House tie, the majority of students one would care to dress as would come from the Gryffindor house, beware the child that chooses the Slytherin house!

But for adult costumes, the faculty of Hogwarts also wears the house colored tie and one can find a costume to fit the need for each tie and Hogwarts staff member.


Harry Potter Brooms and Broomsticks galore

The Harry Potter Broomstick collection here falls into a very affordable selection of licensed and unlicensed Harry Potter brooms equally suitable for props with Harry Potter Halloween Costumes, Interactive Toys for your children and collectors items for The Harry Potter fans in your life.

Also good for a game of Quidditch, that is as long as you are not a Muggle.

Surprisingly, full size Harry Potter Broomsticks fall in the very affordable range of only $15 -$25 USD!


Creating the Perfect Harry Potter Costume - Selecting Harry Potter Glasses

There is a fine line between dressing as a British school boy and looking like an actual Hogwarts student when you are creating your Harry Potter inspired costume. The appropriate Harry Potter Glasses can make your look authentic.

But Harry Potter Glasses are not just props for costumes anymore, the success of the movie has brought the round eyeglass frame back into fashion.

So whether, you are designing the ultimate Harry Potter costume or Luna Lovegood costume or simply picking up unique eyeglass frames, you have come to the right place.

Persuse, but keep your hands in your pockets, the Gringotts Goblins dont give second chances!


Ultimate Collection Of Harry Potter Outfits

Looking for a Harry Potter outfit for a Harry Potter themed party or Halloween event? Creating an authentic Harry Potter outfit comes down to attention to detail. Failing to follow through with the details of a Harry Potter inspired costume can lead to embarrassing mix ups.

You may think your styling as Harry Potter and everyone else thinks your Jack Black from School of Rock or Angus Young from AC/DC!

When searching for Harry Potter outfits you may want to consider being unique and selecting the obvious character of Harry Potter, excellent costume selections exist for all the members of the Hogwarts staff and often overlooked but fun characters such as Dobby the House Elf and Dementor costumes.


Lord Voldemort - Unique Harry Potter Costumes

If you are an adult seeking to wear a Harry Potter inspired costume it would be wise to consider a Lord Voldemort Costume. Harry Potter may be the protagonist, but he is a boy wizard. Assuming a child character as your costume is decidingly not sexy or cool.

Lord Voldemort costumes are simple to create and only require 3 items:

  • Lord Voldemort Mask or alternately Make Up
  • Lord Voldemort Robes
  • Lord Voldemort Hands

as optional additions you could add the appropriate:

  • Lord Voldemort Wand
  • Nagini Snake Prop
Considering you are obviously attracted to the dark side of the wizarding world you will also find options to create Malfoy costumes (Father and Son), Severus Snape, Death Eater costumes and Bellatrix LeStrange Costumes for the evil women in you or your life.

Harry Potter Masks - Halloween and Special Effects Masks

Not surprisingly much of the more complicated costume effects in the Harry Potter movies were created via CGI. So in order to really emulate the looks, Harry Potter masks will be needed. Makeup really wont cut it to get the more fanciful appearance of Dobby the House elf or Voldemort down.

All of the major characters in the Wizarding world arcana are available here, as are a few of the minor characters.

In addition to masks, one can find detailed guides to Harry Potter outfits, wands and broomsticks at the conclusion of this guide on Harry Potter masks.


Marketing / Make Money Online


Not making money online, On Page Optimization

Every online marketer and writer is on a journey. This journey towards online success and profits often if not always starts off rocky. Its actually a very select few who make it past the rocky start and dont quit due to discouraging returns from their efforts.

Whether you followed bad advice, followed no advice at all or merely have content that outdates the current factors that Search Engines focus on, its near impossible that much of your online portfolio does not contain underperforming work that you have given up on or consider a constant source of of discouragement.

As your online portfolio grow and your knowledge and strategy changes, one should surely go back and revisit that early work and add your new found knowledge to your old attempts


Mobile IS the future of online marketing

When the CEO of Google says their new focus is "Mobile First" while addressing Congress, online marketers should take notice.

Since the creation of the iPhone 51.15 million units have been sold, according to first quarter Apple earnings reports in 2010. The number is of course growing with 90,000 units shipped daily.

Google, is reporting that 65,0000 Android licensed phones ship daily.

48% of all Hong Kong consumers own a web enabled smart phone.

Apple is intentionally redirecting their product line towards the portable market, the success of the iPad is just an initial forecast into what they believe the future of online "computing" will hold.

In May 2010, Google acquired AdMob, a mobile only advertising network, in the Google blog and related press releases, Google points out that their own data of mobile search and mobile usage is showing a five fold increase in mobile based requests yearly and that this number is increasing exponentially. Google recognizes the writing on the wall, so to say.


Protecting Your Family's Health as a Freelance or Self Employed

The freedom of being self-employed or working as a Freelancer has its tradeoffs in regards to security. Health Insurance benefits are an important factor when considering most Corporate employment options but with the self employed insurance packages are never included.

I love being self employed and have been mostly self employed or working in a freelance or contract based capacity for nearly 6 years now. Through shear luck, genetics, a healthy vegetarian diet and downright Taurean stubbornness , I have had not had the need for a Doctor or Hospital for the last 12 years. I have required eye care, but that is not so difficult to pay out of pocket.

But that bubble will burst in my personal health someday and as ones family grows Health Insurance becomes eminently important.


Mind Control via Persuasive Copywriting

Do you enjoy repeating the same online activities over and over only to receive little to no tangible economic rewards?

Are you still flexible and curious enough to learn new techniques for writing effectively to increase your conversions, or are you the proverbial dog who cant learn new tricks?

If you already know all the rules about writing, if you still flash your college educated vocabulary at your online readers then you will only waste your time continuing further.

So go away, or dont...

Because, the truth of effective and persuasive copywriting rarely matches with your intuition or past education.


Food/ restaurants

New York Pizza in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, New York is a great town. But the visiting vegetarian or health conscious pizza connoisseur may think that we are only a Buffalo wings town! Vegetarian options abound in Buffalo and Pizza is a very popular item.

So it is no surprise that some of the best New York Style Vegetarian Pizza is available in Buffalo.

We have outlined 2 of the best options for Vegetarian Pizza in Buffalo, New York, based on 3 factors.

  • Who makes the best Pizza and has vegetarian options?
  • Who has the best ingredients and variety?
  • Who will get the Vegetarian Pizza to your door when you want it?



Getting Female Car Insurance

Selecting the best female car insurance is an important decision in a young ladies life. The following options are rated as the best female car insurance online. Due to the proven statistical truth that women cant drive at all, finding good insurance options can be difficult.

A recent trend in female car insurance that many young drivers are attempting to use in order to get lower rates involves temporary gender reassignment. Through a loophole in archaic insurance law some intrepid cosmetic surgeons have created a painless surgery that allows female drivers to apply as men in order to get better insurance premiums.



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