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Online job - Online money

Updated on June 16, 2014

Getting started: Platforms?

Definition of platform is a tricky one, but I am here to bring it closer to you.

Word platform tells really much about itself. Basically, the platform, is holding all us freelancers being registered at some of the freelancer platforms. For example, and the best platform to start with is the oDesk®. Just follow ^^^^ link = )

Now, moving on to next thing...

I want to work online, where to start?

If you really want to start, your very own, reputable online career, then you have to know few things.

  1. Online world just looks simple
  2. There are billions of people, looking for same as you
  3. You have to be aware that you are "disposable"
  4. Clean all your Social Engine profiles and make them look "pro"
  5. Start and create the e-banking service at your bank
  6. Open an e-bank/ e-commerce account for mediating between your platform and client. Platform will put from the day of beginning, the money on your platform account. After that, you are free to choose what finance mediation, or better said, what withdrawal method you would like. The registration is FREE, completely and I do strong recommend opening here an account. Click on the link above and start your career, with setup mediator e-bank.

Now your freelancing career can begin.

What is a freelancer?

- Freelancer is a human, that works remotely for a company; commonly via third-party as a platform for such jobs, and freelancers are supposed to move from one company to another - and that's the greatest advantage of being a FREELANCER.

- Nobody can tell you whether or not you should apply for some job.
Just apply to those that you think you can make it work ! But first, clean up "behind you" as you are about to start writing a new page. The unemployment in USA will bring you to the land of many, many, many people ready to do work for 2$ per hour! Full time one. Consider that fact, unless you are a certified IT expert.

So, you cleaned your profile on Facebook®, Google+®, Twitter®, you cleaned or removed stupid/ public but meant for private/ videos from YouTube®... Edited LinkedIn profile, and updated it ? - Then you are ready to start!

You won't be in a "Wall Street", this is going to be your home... In small!

RMU - Real Life Unite
RMU - Real Life Unite | Source

oDesk - Leader Among Freelancing Sources

O.K, so where and how do I begin?

This is awesome, working from home? Earning in meanwhile...

- It is a good way to earn money. Especially if you are gifted, talented, certified... Also, if you are good in languages, know to deal with customers, or simply - you know to do something that has "demand" on the market - you can be earning 10-50/h .

What does it take to become a real good freelancer, and where can I do that?

What is your...

The Best Freelancing Platform?

See results

oDesk the synonym for freelancers

So far, oDesk Corporation is a synonym for freelancing clients as well for freelancers.

The difference between clients and freelancers are following:

  1. Clients are companies or third-party's that are doing recruiting of freelancers, for their permanent, full-time, part-time, project-based jobs.

  2. Clients are rated by the freelancers feeling of working at environment such as ... Or working with Ms. or Mr. John Doe...
  3. Freelancers can open their own cloud-based company.

  4. Freelancers are people that are there to: bid, and bid - until they get the best job they want. Notice: start with 3$ max. if you don't have experience!
  5. Based on: responsiveness (still under beta version, testing), and feedback of clients toward (i.e) John Doe are your very crucial factors at employment and going... "UP"...

Remote Working!


Freelancers can work from anywhere they want to

-Now more than ever, work is remoteable. So, now wherever you are, you can simply log in, apply for as many as work is there (for those who begin) and keep in mind: the rule number one: none of the freelancing platforms stated won't tolerate ANY violation of Terms of Service.

So keep your eyes well. Sometimes, it will be hard. Now, for instance, I don't have a job for a 2 months. But that's my fault because I've played with ToS of the oDesk. I've built five star feedback based on 16 reviews, and more than 3000 hours and some 3000 euros earned in 2 months.

From the cafe, hotel, beach...

Work has come to your holidays as well... Why would you earn some extra pocket money with your knowledge in WordPress(R), or in Web Design? Why wouldn't you buy a brand new laptop working from cafe, as Technical Support Rep ? There is no need to be physically present.


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    • lafamillia profile image

      lafamillia 3 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      True, very true! And plus if they claim some dispute and you get left with none... That is what scares ME at most... What do you other thing about it?

    • Author Cheryl profile image

      Cheryl A Whitsett 3 years ago from Jacksonville, Fl

      The only issue I have with these online places is as a writer I am not willing to let them use my work and get credit for it. I think my writing is well worth more then 3 bucks and that is what most pay.