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Online money making guide for Writing business-1

Updated on February 7, 2011

5 tips for online money making

If you follow a guide for writing, you have a better chance at being successful in your online money making efforts. The pointers below narrow down what you really need in order to be successful.

1. Narrow down your writing niche for successful money making

Your Niche is basically a narrowed down topic that you know a lot about or you can offer a whole lot of wisdom through your experience. Before you actually start writing a word, you need to decide on what topics will your blog be built around.

Tons of bloggers get stuck in the habit of just writing online on their thought of the moment. Though it lets your creative juices flow - for your online money making endeavors - it’s bad in the sense that to a reader it seems like you don’t have a focused thought or one true niche to guide you where you are experienced. So pick narrow, focused, and planned topics as a guide for your writing, your readers will thank you for it and your online money making efforts just might bear fruit.

2. Develop a Schedule for online writing business as a guide

One thing the search engines just love is consistent content coming in to a site. So if you develop a writing schedule to write thrice in a week and post it online, stick to it and let it guide you. It’s better for your search engine rankings and money making efforts rather than let’s say uploading 3 articles online at once and then not uploading anything for the next whole week. Remember, create an online money making system, not just stand alone tasks, use each task as a guide in the larger picture, create definite deadlines and schedule them around the week. Then STICK TO IT.

Developing a schedule is also important for your personal writing goals. Besides its importance for search engine ranking and in turn making money online. In the long run it’s more important to have developed a writing schedule that you always stick to. That way you are never short of content, your confidence builds as a writer and you learn how to manage your writing time online. Overall it just gives you a feeling of more control on your writings.

3. Age old Online money making guide - The Killer Content - through optimized writing

Content is the king online, that rule has been my guide from the first day i started writing. Well, the phrase has been over used but it is as true as ever for your online money making efforts. Good quality and frequent content posting will do wonders for your blog. If you can master the art of keyword optimization with it, then it’s second to none. The search engines will gladly guide the traffic to your site relentlessly day after day if you can get the keywords right. The money will follow without you having to hunt for it.

Essentially you want to make sure that your online visitors have something of real value rather than something that they can get elsewhere or something that’s just been created to increase word count and blatantly extort money, but does not add any value to for the online reader. so you will have to act as a responsible guide and not mislead readers. Couple with it the keyword optimization for certain keywords so that they are easier to find using those keywords through online search engines, that makes your writing irresistible for the visitors as well as the Search engines.

Guide for writing for online business

Online money making
Online money making

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4. Optimize, Optimize … Optimize

Optimization can be attained through different avenues. There is no one set guide of getting your page optimized for the search engines.

It involves Keyword research to find targeted keywords that people are searching about online and then use them with certain keyword density in your posts or articles. The idea is that the search engines can clearly find out what the article is exactly about if any keyword is used certain amount of times and based on that they would rank it higher or lower and that can be a benefit for your money making campaigns.

Another way to optimize your piece for the search engine is to build some backlinks. Backlinks are basically links that are pointing in to your site from other sites online. Ok, so you ask… fine… the backlinks will get me traffic but how do I get the others to put my link on their site, after all someone else’s site is not in my control. Though that’s true, you still have ways you can use to place your link on their site.

  • You can comment on someone else’s site leaving your footprint that is a link back to your site,
  • You can ask someone to have a look at your site and place a link on their site if they find it worthy, some people might.
  • Offer to Guest post on someone else’s blog, they would normally link back to your blog as thanks.
  • Write article for article directories. This could be beneficial in two ways. One is the obvious backlinks that you can use within the article or in the byline at the end of the article. Though most online article directories post your articles for free, some would actually pay you upfront for every article they approve to be posted online. So that way not only do you get some money upfront but also get the valuable backlinks, making your site more visible to search engines and giving you a higher potential of making money.

5. Be patient if you don't start making money right away

Keep trying… if one trick does not work for you learn something from it and try something a little different with a better understanding. Most writers are able to do everything right except optimization, making it difficult to reach their money making goals.

Optimization is a real test of patience because for one thing, you will not see results overnight and secondly the level of success is different for different people based on any of the approaches listed above. That depends on your Niche and if that niche is compatible with your optimization technique.

Be patient, because most of the writers have to try out 5-10 different online optimization techniques before they find success in one that works well with their money making goals.

Best of luck in your online money making quest. Don’t forget this guide for writing is just the start and once you have written a few posts, you will start to see the rewards. Happy writing.


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    • writeido profile image

      Write Faisal 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Thanks Adrienne for your comment.

      Stay tuned for later as i intend to share more about this in my upcoming hubs.

      And Welcome to HubPages :)

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      AdrienneZMilligan 7 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Well said. Thanks!