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Open Source Cloud Computing Software | Platform Projects

Updated on June 15, 2011

Open Source Cloud Computing To The Rescue

Finally as the cloud computing companies battle for dominance has reached a peak, the open source cloud conciliators have come to spread peace over the internet . Open source cloud computing comes with a mission frame the badly needed standard, make the codes freely available for everyone to desing and make a common ground for the benefit of both cloud customers and providers. The open source cloud advices’ to the big players “Guys, we’ve no benefits from fractured landscape of closed, incompatible clouds where migration is difficult and true transparency is impossible. ”. I guess, Amazon already actually listened to them and came up with free usage basic plans for 1 year for the new customers (you need a credit card for that too).

How is Open Source Cloud Computing different from Free Cloud Computing Software?

Philosophically, there are not many differences between both of them but again in the fundamental of the philosophy some differences are there. In simple words, ‘Open Sources’ is a bigger term and mostly used by the providers and makers of the services and infrastructure whereas ‘free’ is a more relevant term to the end-users like us. You can say like, Yahoo Mail is ‘Free’ and Linux is ‘open source’. In open source you have more freedom to develop and in ‘free’ things you can use the services the vendors provide without paying anything.

OpenStack - Open Source Cloud Computing Software
OpenStack - Open Source Cloud Computing Software
RedHat - Open Source Cloud Computing
RedHat - Open Source Cloud Computing

Open Source Cloud Computing Software Available Today


OpenStack is aiming to one of the largest open source cloud provider. It is a collaborative software project among several big players in the cloud computing space, its designed to create freely available codes and huge-scalable infrastructure for the cloud clients. There are two projects currently under OpenStack.

OPENSTACK COMPUTE: Frames standards for large-scale deployments of automatically provisioned virtual compute instances and provides related open source cloud computing software.

OPENSTACK OBJECT STORAGE: Focuses on defining standards for large-scale reduntand storage of static objects and development of related open source cloud computing software.

Red Hat - Open Source Cloud Computing Software

Red Hat being one of the biggest spearheads of open source systems have effectively extended their philosophies into the clouds too. Red Had delivers the infrastructure needed for reliable, agile, and cost-effective cloud computing. Red Hats’cloud vision is unlike that of any other IT vendor.Red Hat allows you to build your cloud from the components that you already have – weather it’s a VMWare ESX , Java, or Microsoft Hyper-V; Platform as a Service; Infrastructure as a Service; in-side organization or public clouds.

Eucalyptus Open Source Cloud Computing Systems
Eucalyptus Open Source Cloud Computing Systems


Eucalyptus is another open source solution that was formed from the research funding of University of California. Eucalyptus has been used by HP for providing service to their clients; they usually support private cloud software. Their infrastructure software supports educational institutions, government bodies and large enterprises to build their own cloud computing environments. With the help of eucalyptus in the open source cloud computing systems the clients can make efficient use of their computing capacity, increase innovation and productivity, protect sensitive data and deploy applications faster.

Traffic Server

Yahoo flagged of their support to open source support by donating their ‘Traffic Server’ to the Apache which developes and licenses open source systems. Yahoo used Traffic Server system for their internal storage purposes like web catching, authentication, configuration management and load balancing. Now The task was done by Yahoo cloud computing Team and now the project runs as an Apache Incubator project.


Cloudera is also another project coming under Apache. Cloudera Enterprise edition is the first software specifically designed to meet the needs of Apache Hadoop deployments. It delivers manageable, affordable , scalable storage with powerful, flexible processing and is built on Cloudera’s distribution for Hadoop.

By now, open source cloud computing providers have developed the standard for scalability and deploymet of the system. These have paved the ways of several world-class companies already shifting to the cloud platform. Do let me your know your opinion or facts about any new open source cloud computing companies or providers that have popped up newly in the comment box below.


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    • Oneit profile image

      One IT Ltd 6 years ago from Auckland

      Great article you've written there, I think that Cloud Stack is definitely the one to look out for in the future. I'm sure it will be the platform of choice for all new IAAS Deployments.