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Operations Manager Job Description and Responsibilities

Updated on October 26, 2021
Operations Managers maintain a safe working environment for employees who manufacture products in the plant.
Operations Managers maintain a safe working environment for employees who manufacture products in the plant. | Source

Operations Manager Job description

In this economy there are many jobs available in the engineering industry, but for the Operations Manager his roles and responsibilities often increase during times in a slowing economy. Interesting enough, there are plenty of Manager positions opened and some are more demanding then others.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Oversees the daily sales and Operations of the Plant
  • Help exceed Company sales and Operations Goals
  • Responsible for profit and loss in all aspects of the business
  • Hire train and evaluate core teams in the business
  • Oversee the plants procedures and policies
  • Set and maintain productivity and quality standards
  • Distribute daily workloads to the plant Managers
  • Work with sales to determine Pricing
  • Ensure Customer excellence and delivery of Quality products
  • Oversee inventory in the plant
  • Work with Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Finance
  • Oversee Materials Management departments
  • Schedule Maintenance and upkeep of the plant facility
  • Manage Vendor relations
  • Schedule Plant meetings, Safety meetings and Staff meetings
  • Maintain OSHA compliance

Operations Management

An Operations Manager has a good amount of responsibility. They often lead the plant effectively in order to maintain Quality, Compliance and Employee Satisfaction. An Operations Manager must continue to drive the plant to success by working with all departments in Operations. A successful Operations Manager will most likely be standing at the top of the ranks and works closely with the Executive Committee. They have a lot of responsibility and may work a considerable amount of hours in order to be successful. When problems occur, the Operations Manager will typically be the one who is responsible to answer all questions regarding the incident, Audit, etc.

Operations Manager Salary

The National Average salary for an Operations Manager is anywhere from $44,818 to $81,596. This average really does depend on the industry of interest. Many Companies have a different set of goals for there Operations and therefore the pay range may vary.

Operational Management

Operations Management is concerned with the production of goods and services.
It deals with the management of resources (Machines, raw materials, human capabilities, etc),
and the distribution of finished goods and services to the customers. This involves tracking all component parts, work in process, finished goods, packaging materials, and general supplies. The production cycle requires that sales, finance, engineering, and planning departments exchange information—such as sales forecasts, inventory levels, and budgets—until detailed production orders are dispatched by a production-control division. Managers must also monitor operations to ensure that planned output levels, cost levels, and quality objectives are met.

Operations Manager Plant Safety

An Operations Manager assumes responsibility for implementing safety programs that are necessary to keep employees safe while working in the plant. A 5S program is generally a good practice 5S and other safety programs are used in most plants to prevent workplace injury. The 5S program had originated in Japan and has proven to be a successful tool in the U.S Manufacturing environment. Monthly Safety Committees are also used to help identify any gaps in the workplace facility. Often, employees on the Safety committee will bring up good ideas to help prevent work injury.

Customer Satisfaction is Key to Success

An Operations Manager is fully accountable to ensure all Customers are satisfied with each product that leaves the plant. They typically deploys good training programs to help improve Customer Satisfaction, Quality and reduce workplace injuries. This is usually done by showing employees videos of how customers use the products. This also helps enforce the importance of why the business needs all employees to work together and continuously improve the overall Quality system.

Operations Excellence

Maintaining that status of having Operations Excellence within the plant is important to any Operations Manager. There are 5 ways that you can achieve Operations Excellence with very little work.

1) Always make on-time shipments

2) Train employees on the importance of having Quality Products

3) Setup programs to reward employees for good work

4) Setup an Idea system

5) Apply for awards such as AME or Malcolm Baldridge

Operations excellence is something that should be encouraged by all of Operations. Individual teams can also contribute by developing programs that continuously improve production processes. Operational excellence is achieved when the plant facility Metrics start to prove out the end result. An example of this would be to setup a program to have employees submit cost savings ideas in exchange for rewards. For every idea that is used and implemented, the employee gets rewarded and the plant shows results.

Maintaining Operating Expenses

Operating Expenses are typically not tied to Production. Operating expenses include employee benefits, payroll, commissions, pensions, travel, depreciation, rent and transportation. Management will often explore how low they can take operating expenses without losing a competitive edge in the market. This is typically done when a Company needs to downsize or the economy is impacting the business. The Operations Manager will be responsible for overseeing all of the operating expenses incurred in the plant. The Operations Manager is also responsible for any debt incurred by the plant and works with Finance to resolve issues with the budget.

Strong Leadership Equals Healthy Business

Providing good communication to your staff and plant is an important factor in being a strong leader. Deploying new programs to improve Employee Satisfaction is a key goal for any leader. Rewards and time off incentives for meeting goals shows employees that you appreciate there hard work. Not only does it help increase employee satisfaction, it also makes them do better quality. Strong leadership skills will prove that you have the ability to run smooth Operations and lead the Plant to maintaining its excellent operational scorecard. Keep driving towards your goals and never give up.

Setting Production Goals and Standards

The only way to have a successful and well operating plant is to continue and drive continuous improvement activities with all plant employees. Continuous improvement is critical to your success as an Operations Manager. As an Operations Manager you want to continue and evolve Operations by seeking out the latest and greatest technologies and stand ready to compete with your competitors. The goal is to have the plant working efficiently and effectively by continuously building new automated processes and other means of error proofing. The better you equip the Operators the better the output will be. Seek new ways for moving material and include all assemblers in any new ideas that you plan to take on. Driving new ideas is critical to having an edge on any competitors. Continuously monitor improvement activities and always consider rewards for hitting production goals. Train employees at least every quarter on something new. job rotations are sometimes critical in maintaining employee satisfaction.

Compliance Audits

Weekly Plant Audits

Most plants continuously operate with high demands from there customers. Often, employees hurry and start to forget about compliance. A good audit can uncover anything that is out of compliance. Being out of compliance is a serious concern for the business. The business can easily lose an agency approval or be shutdown in an instant by the Government. Its important to continuously monitor the actions by all employees and ensure the systems are setup correctly to prevent compliance issues from occurring. An auditing process should be setup to ensure the employees are doing what there supposed to do. A good process will continually inform employees of findings and corrective actions will be made as of a result. Most employees will start to adapt to the culture with an understanding that Compliance is very important to the business.

Operations Management Video


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