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Options for Label Printing in a Competitive Market

Updated on June 19, 2013

Offset Printing


Quality pringing and packaging can make you stand out from the competition

Today, one of the most competitive areas of sales is packaging. In grocery stores, supermarkets and many other types of retail businesses, there is a massive amount of products that are available to consumers at a given time. That means that, in many cases, consumers are influenced in their shopping decisions by the packaging on the products in those stores. Because of this, companies are becoming more competitive about the types of labeling that they place on their products and their packaging, whether that is flexographic printing, custom folding cartons or color prepress services. It is important that companies who sell these types of products understand how these different labeling and packaging options work and which ones will be most effective for their brand.

Custom folding cartons are one of the most popular products today because they combine the desired labeling with the package itself. This removes a step from the packaging process as the label does not need to be applied to the custom folding carton. Printers are now able to make these custom folding cartons in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and densities to suit each product’s needs. In addition, colorful and vivid images and text can be printed directly on to these custom folding cartons to make an enticing package for consumers to see in the store.

In addition to custom folding cartons, there is also flexographic printing. One of the most important functions of this type of labeling is the option to include unique UPC bar codes on each product label. This is vital for the product to be in line with the stores checkout process and is easiest when combined with the flexographic printing already in progress.

Prepress is another service, in addition to flexographic printing and custom folding cartons, which is vital to the competitive sales market today. Prepress provides a great visual look at a label before it goes through the printing process. This allows companies to determine the best look for their packaging and to ensure that the printing process is correct the first time through, which can maximize their investment in the labels themselves.


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