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Oriflame Consultants in Pune Learn The 10 Rules For Fast Growth

Updated on March 5, 2012

Synopsis of the Training I gave to Oriflame Consultants in Pune

In my last visit to Pune, I shared the 10 Rules for Fast Growth with Oriflame Consultants who are at 9% level and above. Here is a synopsis of the session:

Oriflame Consultants come from different walks of life - some are working women, there are many home makers, few are college students, there are even business women and professionals such as beauticians, etc. No matter what your background, education or life situation is, there are some skills and qualities that you can develop to grow in the Oriflame.

  1. Most Oriflame Consultants are loyal customer of Oriflame. They just love the products and if a product is available in Oriflame, they would not buy products of any other brand from the market. Successful Oriflame Consultants try and use different products, especially products that are new and as a result they become more confident in recommending it to others. When you use your company products, your confidence in them increases. You are leading your customers and consultants by example. They know that the confidence in your eyes is coming from your positive experience of the product. Nothing can beat that.
  2. Nurture your new consultants. Share with them the knowledge you have gained in the process of reaching 9% level or higher. Give them you support and encouragement. Coach them on various aspects of the Oriflame business.
  3. Plan your month. This will help you in being more organized and accomplish more in less time. Plan to be there for the campaign launch meeting. Plan your beauty parties. Schedule yourself to be present for training programs and branch activities. Your team will mirror every thing you do. If you are organized, they will organized as well.
  4. Preach what you are already practicing. If there is something that you are not practicing, practice it before suggesting it to anyone. Your team is observing you and noticing your actions and words. When your words match your actions, their trust in you builds further. When they see that you are yourself doing the things that you expect them to do, they trust you even more.
  5. Keep doing things that gave you success in the past. Keep conducting beauty parties, keep prospecting, Conduct step 1 training, conduct step 2 training, get new consultants started the right way, coach your leaders, attending advanced training programs, etc.
  6. Always be in action and lead from the front. When you are active on the field, you know the pulse of your business and industry. You know what your team and team leaders are dealing with. You will have answers ready for the questions that they might ask. You are in charge.
  7. Give a welcome call to New Consultants in your team. When Consultants are new in the Oriflame business they have many questions. When someone is around to answer their questions, their confidence gets a boost and they get determined to make their dreams turn into reality. Listen and have empathy for your team when they face problems. Teach them how to solve them. Make sure they have the email id and phone number of Oriflame customer service to solve routine problems. Stay in the loop so you can step in if required.
  8. Make good friendship with your team members. Set goals with them. Know what's important to them. Show them the path to get what they want. Push them a little sometimes and be tough with them like a mother in a loving way. Have a respectful and caring relationship with your team mates.
  9. Even as your team is growing, you must continue share the Oriflame opportunity to new prospects and show the catalogue to new potential customers. Make sure you show the catalogue to your old customers as well. Old customers will buy every 2-3 months so do give them a copy every time a new catalogue is out.
  10. Motivate your team, teach then new skills or give them some new information every time you speak to them and continue to support team members. Be genuinely interested in helping your team members to succeed in Oriflame, to reach the Manager level and then the Senior Manager level and beyond.

The more you help your team, the more you will feel a sense of fulfillment and peace. For me Oriflame is not just a means of making more money but a means for empowering women. I want to contribute to as many people's success as possible.

Coaching Session

Mrs Jashmi guiding a 12% Manager
Mrs Jashmi guiding a 12% Manager

About Mrs Jashmi

Mrs Jashmi is the owner of She is recognized as the fastest growing Leader in western India.

Jashmi has trained and coached many consultants in becoming Managers and above in less that a year. She have been a Recruitment Champion several times.

She left her job when her income from Oriflame crossed her salary. She has created the Rapid Success System for fast growth in Oriflame which she teaches to all Oriflame Consultants in her team.

She conducts beauty parties. Step 1 Training, Step 2 Training, etc for her team in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, etc. If you have any questions you can write to her on


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