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Outdoor Heated Mats for your Business

Updated on January 6, 2012

Ridding a business of snow and ice can be back breaking work. Outdoor Heated Mats take away manual labor and are a cleaner, more effective way to remove both snow and ice from walkways, handicapped ramps, loading docks and entry-ways. They work continuously all season long so you don’t have to.

Heated mats are designed using an electronic heating element that is held securely in place by two pieces of non-slip rubber and operate by plugging them into any standard 120 volt or 240 volt power outlet. The non-slip rubber provides extra traction helping to avoid slip and fall accidents. These mats have the ability to melt up to 2 inches of falling snow per hour and can melt through 2 inches of ice.

Before installing any heated outdoor mat make sure that the surface is free of sharp objects, glass, rocks, snow and ice. Once the mat is placed on the surface use the metal grommets that come with the mat to secure it. The hardware used to secure the mat depends on the type of surface the mat is covering. If the mat is covering a steel surface, use washers, nuts and bolts. If a wood surface is being covered, use washers, wood screws or lag bolts. If the surface is stone, brick, asphalt or concrete, then use washers, masonry anchors and a concrete drill to secure the mat. These mats can be installed in temperatures up to -20F.

Outdoor Heated Mats come with a built-in Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ELCI). This is a safety feature that will shut the power off to the mat in case of any damage as a way of preventing fires. When the winter is over; simply clean the mat with soap and water, roll it up and store it in its original packaging to be used for the following year.

In addition to heated mats; consumers can also purchase rubber and aluminum stair treads and heated underlay mats.

The rubber stair treads are built for industrial use with non-slip UV protected rubber. They can be purchased as a single mat or linked together to create a set of multiple stair mats (10 treads to one outlet). Each stair tread is ¼ inch thick and comes equipped with an in-line safety device.

The aluminum stair tread comes in a single 3/8” inch thick piece of extruded aluminum with abrasive filler designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. The abrasive filler provides extra traction. These stair treads operate on any standard 120 volt or 240 volt power outlet.

Businesses strive to give the customer the merchandise they want to buy and to provide great customer service. Making sure that the business property is safe, clean and attractive to the customer should also be a priority especially in the winter months. Outdoor Heated Mats, rubber or aluminum stair treads or heated underlay mats work as a continuous, effective way to remove snow and ice and keep the property accessible and safe to customers. Removing snow and ice using any of these methods will save money and back breaking work!


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