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Outsourcing: The Secret of Success

Updated on August 18, 2012

Outsourcing is a buzzword in the business world nowadays. Companies around the globe including America, Canada, and Europe have now starting outsourcing majority of their IT related job. The reason is very clear; by outsourcing companies are cutting off their costs and earning more profits.

In many of the developing such as India, Philippines and China, outsourcing is a big industry and thousands qualified, technical people are associated with that is earning their livelihood. Mostly the outsourcing is witnessed in the IT related jobs and projects.

Large business entities such and financial institutions, large organizations, cooperate house and government bodies require different kinds of software for their every day work, these companies. As developing these software in house would require huge investment, these companies mostly outsource project of developing customized software to other companies that have experts in the field.

The IT industry is a saturated yet growing industry. There is a cut to throat competition amongst the competitors. To grow rapidly you need to invest heavily in infrastructure and the human resource which means heavy investment in both the working and fixed capital is required. The dream of making your company the best and the most renowned is difficult to achieve because of the ever growing competition.

Although there is a tough competition in the IT industry, yet there is one way in which you can cover the leaps without adding much into you cost head. The technique is known as outsourcing. You can save a lot of money if you outsource few of your company’s projects to software houses in developing countries such as India, China and Philippines. These companies have a highly qualified staff that can handle your project at a very lesser cost and help your company grow fast.

Outsourcing IT jobs will save you huge cost that you would have required to invest in infrastructure and human resources. These companies will do same job for you at much lesser prices due to their cheap labor and infrastructure costs. The professional are highly skilled and know there work very well. Outsourcing will provide you with the same quality work without such hustle. The other main benefit of outsourcing is that your team can then concentrate much on the core issues of growth and stability while the minor jobs are dealt by another company. Outsourcing IT jobs will give you and your experts enough time to develop growth strategies and new business plans.

Most of the work that European, American and Canadian companies outsourcing includes developing wireless applications, smart card solutions, java/J2EE, .net software’s, database solutions etc. the highly skilled manpower of outsourcing companies are expert in handling these projects to the best satisfaction of their client. The other main projects that are being outsourced these days include help desks and call centers. Many companies in these countries are running call centers for their overseas clients as they have the expert staff for managing such call centers as well.

The decision to outsource your job needs a proper planning as well. While outsourcing your work, you should do enough research about the creditability of the company you are selecting. Their past experience and ability to handle such projects should be rightly investigated. You should also consider the government policies of the country that they are investment friendly for the outsourcing industry.

The benefits of outsourcing have made it one of the most common business trends in today’s world. Companies all over the world are now considering outsourcing their major IT jobs.


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