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Marketing Strategies to Help Build Salon Clientele

Updated on December 26, 2014

Marketing Ideas

  • Give coupons, business cards and/or flyers to offices of apartment communities nearby for new tenants in their move-in packages. You can create a business card free at that has a % off of service at the top of the card for new clients to try your salon. It is a coupon and card in one.
  • Easel chalkboard or dry erase board with monthly specials or calendar with monthly events
  • Booth at local fairs, events and/or expos. You do not necessarily have to be present, just create a display for your table. You can check into some logo products such as calendars, pens, refrigerator magnets, etc. Maybe you could have a prize drawing in the form of a box to leave a contact request and you can call them to schedule appt.
  • Prize drawing in salon for clients. Ask for name and number on entry form. This way you can follow up with walk-ins and new clients
  • Coupons or business cards at doctors' and other professional offices. Businesses are often willing to allow you to leave cards at their business in exchange you you returning the favor.
  • 10% discount for hospital employees, military, a large local employer, government employees, or whoever else you desire to do so for. Make sure they present badges or ID if they are not regulars for whom you know their employment status. Also, require them to ask for the discount to get it. If the discount is not what brought them to your business, don't just offer it up. You would be giving away discounts unnecessarily.
  • Business card holder or magnet on car
  • Flyers about promotions on cars in parking lots or on mailboxes, if allowed. Use bright colors to get attention.
  • Make sure business phone number is on front window
  • Leave business cards everywhere at every opportunity throughout town
  • Leave business cards at bridal shops. The bride gets hair done free if her wedding party get theirs done with you with a set minimum required. For example, four bridal party members get their hair done and you will style the bride for free.
  • Advertise in bridal magazine
  • Customers cannot combine discounts
  • 10th haircut free. The stylists would have to keep a record or get a frequent customer card. Vista Print has these cards for sale.
  • Customers get 10% discount for referral of new client
  • Child haircut % off or free with regular priced service for parent or grandparent
  • Walk in relay/charity walks and make t-shirts for our team
  • Have an intern or student for shampoo assistance. You may be very busy and this may help alleviate customers wait time. Typically cosmetology students cannot be compensated, so you would not have to pay them, you may be helping someone gain experience and it helps your stylists. There is nothing to lose.
  • Advertise in relocation magazine. These would be individuals who are looking for a new stylist.
  • Advertise in special interest local magazines. For example, if you love pets, have an ad with a photo of your stylists and their pets. Pet lovers would read this magazine and your photo will appeal to their interest.
  • PTA promotion at schools (give out cards, coupons and/or flyers) Advertise in their event programs (usually very minimal cost)
  • Participate or sponsor events that are free or very inexpensive (your name gets associated with it)
  • Sign up for new resident mailers. There are companies that distribute a coupon and advertising packet specifically to new residents in the area. These individuals are likely to be your best spent advertising money because they will be looking for a new stylist.
  • Create an ad on as many free classified sites as possible. You can create one ad and cut and paste it to other boards to help minimize your time investment.
  • Create social media pages and invite as many people as possible. Their friends will see your page and then friends of friends and so forth.
  • Create a website. There are many hosts with free templates to help creating your site easy.
  • Signage is eye-catching. LED signs with moving scissors or bright letters that read "Hair", "Spa", or "Nails" are trendy and help draw attention to your salon.
  • Window graphics get attention; especially those that are colorful and stylish or interesting.

Promoting Positive Image Through Charitable Affiliation

  • Sell charity donation emblems (sneakers for JDRF, Stars for Children’s Miracle Network) This gives your business a favorable image and does not cost anything, plus helps a charity. Collect money for various charities during their designated month (i.g. breast cancer October, Autism April…..etc)
  • Collect can tops for Ronald McDonald House
  • Box Tops for education for local schools
  • Donate gift baskets to charity of merchandise that is not selling…your name and card would be on it, so people see it…helps create visibility and recognition for your business…people will learn or hear about and you gain positive association


The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Give your customers what they want, while remaining friendly and kind. Sometimes stylists are like therapists. Listen and respond to their cues to make their experience great. Don't be afraid to ask for referrals. If they are happy, they are sure to tell their friends.


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