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Overcoming the Job Search Blues

Updated on March 18, 2010

Have you been searching for a job, and can't seem to find one? You're not alone. The fact that you're not the only one looking, makes the job market a lot more tough. It is hard for everybody to find employment; people with experience and degrees to find a position, people who are new to the job market, and everyone in between.

I've been watching a few friends searching for jobs and it's tough. I was in the same place about six months ago. Searching and wondering if there was even a job out there. While I was searching I decided one day that I would find a job that day. I was offered a position by the end of the day. There will be more about that later in this article.

The Blues Begin Like This

The phone rings. You answer and it's a pleasant voice inviting you to interview with a company you've applied for. You excitedly scribble the details down and agree to a time to meet with them. You write down the directions. You're set. The day comes and you dress in your best interview clothes. You've researched the company and have gone over common interview questions in your head. You drive to the business and shake hands with the pleasant person. You answer the questions honestly and enthusiastically. Before you know it you're shaking hands once again and they say "We'll let you know by (insert date here)."

You're excited. You wait and wait and it's the day they said they'd call. You stand near the phone. It doesn't ring. You go outside to get away from the phone (maybe ignoring it will make it ring.) It doesn't ring. You go to bed that night wondering if it will ring tomorrow. It doesn't ring.

The phone rings and you receive another interview with another pleasant voice and another company. You run through the same scenario. By this time you're starting to feel a little battered inside. The next time the phone rings for an interview you downright have the blues before you even set foot in the building. 

How I Found a Job in 1 Day

I'm sure there was a little luck involved. But it was the kind of luck that was made from preparation and hard work. I was looking at my bills in early October and realized I needed to find a job, now. I had quit the job I was working at and moved to a smaller community. Before I moved I knew there were a few Customer Service Call Centers. I figured they are always hiring and I had experience and I'd get hired on. Easy. I interviewed with the Call Centers and didn't get the job. I was shocked. I moved past the shock and casually searched for jobs the whole month of September. I signed up with a local Temporary Agency and watched the want ads, waiting for the perfect job to come around.

Then I realized I needed to act fast. That day I sat at my kitchen table and made up my mind "I'm going to find a job today." I opened my laptop and pulled up my resume. I started looking through any job search website, local employer's website, and I started submitting my resume. I didn't move from that table. I hadn't showered that morning or anything, I just sat looking for jobs I would qualify for and submitted my resume.

By noon I had one interview lined up for the following week. I felt there was progress and I kept searching and submitting. The only break I took that morning was to call the Temporary Agency that I had signed up with to let them know that I was available for work.

About one o'clock I got a call from the Temporary Agency. They had a company that wanted to interview me at two o'clock. I hadn't showered and I lived about a half hour from the company (according to MapQuest). I was new to the area, so I wasn't very familiar with where it was. I asked if it could be a little later, and the time was set for two thirty. I took the fastest shower in history, put on my good clothes, grabbed my MapQuest print out and took off for the interview.

I headed into the interview and thought it went well. I was fully expecting to hear the words "You're hired" by the end of the interview. Nothing. I was told I'd hear from them in the next couple of days and my heart broke! I wanted to find a job that day and now I wasn't going to. I thanked her for the interview and left.

I stopped to buy a few groceries before heading home. Each thing I grabbed made me sick because I knew my money was running out. Then my Cell Phone rang. I looked down and recognized the phone number for the Temporary Agency. I almost did a little dance in the middle of Safeway. I knew they were going to offer me the job. They did!

Key Points to Remember

  • Don't let a negative attitude take over your job search. There are so many ways that a negative attitude can destroy your chances of finding a job. If you depress yourself you might not even apply to any jobs "What's the point?" You might enter an interview and have a "I don't know why I'm here, I'm not going to get the job anyways" vibe. It's hard to stay positive when you've been through interview after interview with no job, but you need to!
  • Put the time into your job search. Finding a job can be a full time job. Put the time in. Research companies in your area. Network with people. Tighten up your resume. The more preparation you put into the job search, the more prepared you'll be for the opportunity.
  • Take time for yourself. Don't forget to take care of yourself while you are searching for a job. Take some time to lose your stress. A long hot bubble bath. Read a book for entertainment. Put the time into your job search and work hard at it, but also give yourself some time.
  • You're not alone. This might not be the most comforting point, since the other people are your competition to finding employment. But remember there are a lot of good workers out there without work.

You will find a job! I know that you will. Just put your mind to it, put some time into it, and you will find that position. It might not be your dream job. Remember, you can find your dream job later (while you're collecting paychecks from the job you find now.) There are so many resources available on finding employment. You can read more information online, go to your nearest Employment Department, and be sure and sign up with your local Temporary Agency. You'll be working again in no time!


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    • rocknrodeogirl profile image

      rocknrodeogirl 8 years ago from The Columbia Gorge

      Pamela, and Ann--thanks for reading!! I hope this will help inspire others searching for a job. I know how scary/frustrating/depressing/nervewracking etc... searching for a job can be!!

      Ann, thanks for the congratulations, and congrats to you too!! ;)

    • Ann Nonymous profile image

      Ann Nonymous 8 years ago from Virginia

      Wow! What a great inspiring hub, Rodeo girl! And I am so glad you got a job in 1 day! Excellent!

      Also despite it being a bit overdue I wanted to congratulate you on your success with hubnuggets! Loved your piece!

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 8 years ago from United States

      You got the right mind set, did you homework, had determination and it paid off.