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Overworked and Stressed

Updated on January 2, 2016

The Situation

Putting in more than 40 hours a week is becoming something of the norm in the US for a number of occupations, with some workers putting in an average of more than 58 hours a week. As a result, more Americans are feeling overworked.-Business Insider November 2015

Do you feel employers expect employees to long days and weekends? Do you feel employers believe they should not have a life or time with their families? Do you believe certain industries require certain commitments that other industries don’t? As American’s we are overworked.

American Psychological Association reported only 37% of workers are effective managing stress. The common workplace stressors, as provided by the APA, are:

  • Low salaries.
  • Excessive workloads.
  • Few opportunities for growth or advancement.
  • Work that isn't engaging or challenging.
  • Lack of social support.
  • Not having enough control over job-related decisions.
  • Conflicting demands or unclear performance expectations.

In additional to the workplace stress add the commute time to the situation and you created the perfect storm. These are the factors that drive road-rage and a sense of loss of quality of life when you spend more and more time at work instead of experiencing life. Work-life balance, the code words however really mean nothing in the workplace environment. How many places allow you to work from home? How many companies will let you work 10 hours a day 4 days a week to allow you time for yourself and your family?

Why do other countries get it and we don’t? How many people have had heart attacks, panic attacks, or medical conditions weakening your immune system allow chronic diseases to form?

Recession /Depression

It is clear that when the recession took place companies eliminated positions and downsized. Work expectations remained the same, man-power was reduced, and hours were extended nationwide. Years later, very few things have changed in the workplace. Many employers have the implied expectation that you should work day and night in order to complete your workload which is often not based on reasonable expectations.

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The islands



Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed? Do you feel the expectations of employers have increased over the years? Have you ever escaped the overworked stressed environment and found happiness?


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