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Updated on February 14, 2011


I have been rather quiet, yet working behind the scenes, since I was alittle ill and quit smoking. However I would like to report that for the first time ever, something that I was taught in school some 40 years ago, actually was true.

I was told that the pen was mightier than the sword, I understood it to mean that more can be accomplished with your words than with any act of violence. I have reaped the rewards of this statement.

Honestly I am quite tired of being screwed. That may not be the nicest way to say it, but it applies to just about all business of today. I mean it in the sense of employment as well as consumer purchase of cheap items, being overcharged and underpaid and generally being used.

I had a problem with a specific product that I purchased over the internet, I believe it was not the chemical content but the quanity of the product that caused my denture to split in half. I did post  a hub to show the damage, and to keep other people from having to borrow money to have a new denture made, which is costly, and time consuming and painful to the individual.

I did request a full refund of the product and I wanted to be paid for my new denture, I did not cause it to break, their product was the cause. I even went as far as giving the company a time limit before I would post a blog. Ignoring me is probably worse than actually dealing with me, and after 3 strikes they were out.

I posted the blog, and as I found out rather quickly, the blog created a heck of a stir for this company, and I received what was fair compensation. Keep this in mind I was unable to chew any food from October 31, 2010 to January 2011.  I was telling the truth, yet I was being ignored.

So I thank the power of the Hub for helping me speak the truth, and show the truth in living color. I violated no laws, spoke the truth and the pen was mightier than the sword!


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  • loveingyou profile image

    loveingyou 7 years ago from Canada

    Thank you for this article.

    Good job for standing up to the company, and thank you for the inspiration that you have probably given others through your success.

  • Magdelene profile image

    Magdelene 7 years ago from Okotoks


    Very resourceful of you. Glad all is okay for you now.