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PLC Training Online

Updated on May 10, 2013

Online PLC Training – the future is here!

Online PLC Training is becoming the preferred method of training among industry professionals. The former method of sending the maintenance team to week long training workshops is quickly being replaced by a new business model. Online training in the form of PLC training videos and online tutorials and books is more flexible and more cost competitive.

Online PLC training can allow the user to train without the costs of lodging and without removing a vital resource from the site. Properly formatted PLC training videos are available that let support personnel learn specific subjects quickly when necessary. Online training programs allow the students to learn over time which leads to better retention. Advanced exercises can be assigned that may take an extended time period to complete. That extra time is just not available in the shorter course periods that traditional courses offer. These advantages are why online training such as that on the PLCMentor training site are growing in popularity and replacing traditional outlets.

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