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Updated on August 6, 2016

CAPITAL - wealth used to create more wealth

CAPITALIST - A person who has capital especially invested in business,a person of great wealth,a plutocrat - government by the wealthy

CAPITALISTS - Those who believe in a system of government where those with the most wealth rule over those with less wealth

CAPITALISM - An economic system characterized by private -means of a person or group of people or corporate ownership where the production and distribution of Capital goods are determinded mainly in the free market

SOCIAL - Of and relating to a group and it's members

SOCIALIST - same as above,but based on class

SOCIALISTS - more than one person or group of a particular class

SOCIALISM - A theory of social organization based on government ownership ,management ,or control of the means of production and the distribution and exchange of goods.This definition doesn't mention other aspects of government such as taxes or banking pay rates and the like

and the classes of society.How the government works to represent the people as a whole.The judicial ,education,medical and civic systems


MARX - The founder of his own vision of a particular socialist political system

MARXIST or COMMUNIST- a person who believes in the marxist or communist social political system

MARXISTS or COMMUNISTS - a group who belives in a marxist or COMMUNIST social political system

MARXISM - COMMUNISIM social and political ,economic principles and policies advocated by Karl Marx. Which by the way includes a graduated income tax ,a central bank and other principles that we currently have in the unitedstates to some degree.It,also calls for a classless society and yet it has a ruling class.

It,also calls for everyone to get paid the same no matter what kind of work they do or how hard the work is.and it doesn't account for the ability or skill one pocesses.The means and distribution of goods and services is all government controlled While this last aspect of marxism may seem desirable by some.If,everyone gets paid the same no matter what skill level and knowledge they poccess,it discourages cooperation by those individuals to the benefit all .If,individuals are not paid what they are worth there is no Incentive for them to do their best.This is worse than socialism in some ways.

COMMUNISM differs from socialism only in that communism is based on need.Giving to those according to their need.Who defines "need" is not clear?

FASCIST - A person who belives in a dictitorial social political system

FASCISTS - A group that belives in a dictitorial social political system

FASCISM - a political philosophy that exalts nation and race and stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation and forcable oppression of opposition by corporations along with those Individuals running the government.

What differentiates the above social political systems?

1.CAPITAL - wealth that comes from one individual or a group of Individuals

PLUTOCRACY - where the King an his followers owns everything and everyone - PURE CAPITALISM at it's worse

2.SOCIAL - Of or relating to another Individual or group of Individuals.

3.MARXIST - COMMUNIST - Of or relating to another Individual or group of Individuals based on need

4.FASCIST - A person who belives in a dictitorial social political system.with or without the help of corporations.More often with their help.

Capital has to come from either Individuals or groups of Individuals


The problem with this system in it's purest form is those who have the wealth are allowed to lord it over those with less wealth.The wealth may have come from both legal as well as illegal sources

Wealthy plutocrats historically got wealthy selling opium to China and weapons and mercenaries to fight in foreign wars as well as human capital such as slaves .

.Another problem with this system is cronism where those who make deals with eachother tend to gain wealth to the disadvantage of the majority of society.They have historically taken advantage of those less fortunate.Sometimes to the benefit of the disadvantaged Oftentimes to their furthur disadvantage.Where they would have been better off living self subsitance lives off the land than to pay to live in cities and made dependent on their employers for their continues livelyhood. A kind of modern slavery.

Behind the scenes arraingements have always been used to keep wealth in the hands of a few good old boys.

One example is the way an Individual or group of Individuals - conspire to take control over what should belong to all of the people.Things like land,water,the means of food production,and all other mutually beneficial activities in public and private busineses that use the assets we all need.

No wealth of any source has come without someone working for it This is true in Capitaism to the greatest degree and yet even in capitalism their are those who make their wealth by taking unfair advantage of those less wealthy than they are.through corporate takeovers,illegal price fixing and closed bidding on government selling of assets that belong to everyone.. Even with the money we use to exchange goods and services with

CAPITALIST's fund wars and sell weapons to those engaged in warfare.without reguard to poitical or patriotic views.Because it matters little to them who wins.Which ever side wins they never lose.

The stockmarket is the same way.Those who transact with buyers and sellers on Wallstreet never lose.They are like casinos that are calculated to win no matter what.

CAPITALIST'S are more subtle in how they go about controlling the majority

They could care less what other Ideologies do as long as they can control the wealth.

MONARCHIES AND OLIGARCHIES still exist .They can be benevelent, tyranical or Draconian in nature or a combination of all three.Sometimes they can appear to be one of the three.and sometimes more than one.It's up to each and everyone of us to decide which one they really are.


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    • Felina Margetty profile image

      Felina Margetty 5 years ago from New York, New York

      I am flabbergasted by this article. In a good way I think.You have an incredible insight to all things political. Do you have any tactics for the novice? I recently read a hub( different topic)about Coal Seam Gas Mining by Bearclawmedia, on the same page was a recruitment add by a mining company disguised as a rebuttal.The whole CSG idea has not hit the main stream media therefore any hope of stopping the destruction of our drinking water for profit is out. Tell me clever man, someone who knows. How do we get the CSG question in the news.? Sorry to use this forumn to ask an unrelated question but after reading your article I believe you are not someonewhoknows but instead thesmartestmanalive.

    • Brie Hoffman profile image

      Brie Hoffman 6 years ago from Manhattan

      No one seems to know about it and no one seems to have the patience or intelligence to look it up for themselves. No wonder they are stealing from's like taking candy from a baby.

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 6 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Thank you Brie for bringing UP that "LITTLE" (PUN INTENDED) BIT of Information.I'm aware of it.I wonder though how many others are or even believe it to be true!

    • Brie Hoffman profile image

      Brie Hoffman 6 years ago from Manhattan

      We don't have capitalism we have a corporatocracy. I just wrote a hub about all the money in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports or CAFR's which shows without a doubt that we are being fleeced up the ying yang.